Sex Is Cheap by Nghia Huynh

Look at the image above and tell me what your initial thought was? I bet a majority of you just had an inappropriate thought.

The text I have chosen was an add from a popular mens magazine called GQ or Gentleman’s Quarterly. The advertisement was for Neurosport, a drink comparable to Vitamin Water or Gatorade. The ad itself is very colorful and bright, easily attracting attention from an unsuspecting consumer sifting through a magazine. The ad has four-pages dedicated to a incomplete scantily-clad female form, for she is missing hands, feet, and a head. She’s golden-skinned, topless, and probably has a fat percentage of negative one. There’s a big white caption outlined in red which says, “It’s All About You,” across the whole four pages. In the centerfold she is splayed out, still with no face or a bikini top. Conveniently however, her breasts are covered by two red bottles of Neurogasm, one of their many available flavors. Lastly, in the final page of the ad her bottom is poised up in a sexual manner.

I find these images very graphic in nature and a lame juvenile attempt to sell sex for profit. The way I think ads are developed are very simple; connect, reprogram, and sell. The obvious selling point is to evoke sex or some type of emotion connected to sex. But that is just the surface of what the ad companies want from us. Why was this woman chosen to be put on the ad? She has no hair, nose, or eyes to judge or scrutinize. This ad is obviously trying to appeal to our sense of insecurities with our own bodies which I think is the most profound ideology of this ad. This ad is telling us what a ‘desirable’ body of a woman looks like. This may be true or not, but either way the ad is shaping our subconscious in a slight way.

This text connects intentionally with our interpretation of what beauty is and what society wants out of us. As a young American adult I see hundreds of ads everyday selling products to my demographic of peers. I think this text and many, many others can pick up on the body consciousness of western society. What a better way to sell and affect young people than to place an ad in a magazine dedicated to fashion for the young professionals of America. The fashion world is very fickle but, one thing always stays in season; thin and fit models.

The idea behind the sexy images is to sell to us what we want for ourselves. I don’t think anyone seeks intentionally to be considered ugly. To be appealing and attractive is a fundamental desire. However, we should wake up and decide for ourselves how we want to represent our own reflection. After all it is our bodies. 


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