Video gaming and online gaming

by Marcus Romanos

In the early days of our world, communication used to be something we only did through a messenger who would have to ride hundreds of miles to relay a message. As the years past we developed the mail system which through a more recent invention, the airplane and the truck has made getting messages even further faster. What has been done in the last couple decades to communication is nothing less than amazing. The social interactions we have between one another are also very astounding.

As time progressed we came across the Internet, which made it possible to communicate through email. Over the last decade we have mastered the form of social networking starting with Live Journal, AIM, Myspace, Facebook and then twitter. You might ask what that had to do with gaming and the world of social interactions.

Video gaming has already become a multi-million dollars business where hundreds of thousands of people go to play their video games. Whether it be on the computer or what is called a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 to name a few. The culture industry is already involved deeply with marketing and advertising. Drawing people in with realistic games that say they will put you right into the battle or the driver’s seat of the Indie 500. This is interesting but there is something even more involved that is going on behind the scenes.

Online gaming a thing that has just recently bloomed into this mainstream is both positive and negative. It is already turning into a huge problem of all over the world. People that take it to far are causing a negative out let look on gaming and I think in 2011 people are also missing the positive parts to online gaming. Lets first start with how gaming has helped us. When gaming on line first became a very popular trend people we using it to find new challenges rather than against the same old predictable computer controlled characters. This was good but what if they would take it a step further and make it a place where people could actually communicate via an online com. System. That’s exactly what they did.

Doing this opened up a whole new world to online games and to the people who played them. Have you ever wondered how people that are have poor communication skills sometimes find ways to do so that’s more in their comfort zone? Online gaming has provided them with this outlet. It’s given them a way to be whoever they want to be. To be free of judgments from their piers and made it possible to talk to other people half way around the world. I my self have played some Call of Duty which is a first person shooter where teams battle it out to see who has the better team. Although I get bored quickly with shooting things and blowing things up I found that its provided me with an outlet to really express my self to new people with out the fear of being rejected and has enabled me to use some social skills that I learned on COD. (Call of Duty) in the real world not to mention has made me some friends from places such as England, Russia, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and multiple states across the United States of America.

Taking a look at the negative ideology behind online gaming and its online partner we start to see some disturbing trends as well like people faking who they really on games to gain peoples trust and end up getting hurt or kidnapped. Another disturbing thing is that it seems to be holding back peoples ability to react and live in today’s societies where you talk to one another. For example in the Film Digital Nation they talk specifically about one particular boy whose addiction to online game play has virtually shut him off from the rest of the world. His own mother almost cried when she said she thinks about it because he never talks to her anymore and his grades have all become f’s. This is just one of the saddening factors to online gaming addiction. There seems to be huge gap today with people like me who enjoy video games moderately, and the ones that can play for days at a time sometimes ignoring basic needs except to eat. How are we supposed to help a generation that’s not willing to help it self? In mentor session we talk about how this even might get so bad that gaming addiction will be put into the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) how ever if this happens anytime soon it will be in the DSM-5 which is currently under planning and is due for publication in May 2013. (Wikipedia)

I hope to see this issue researched and see some real progress in helping people with online addictions with not just video games but TV shows and pornography as well. It’s something that if we don’t get a handle on our country will become a mindless group of people that will not know how to communicate. The country would literally fail if this happened.

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