Film in 3-D

By: Chris A

I believe that films in 3-D are becoming a major part in our contemporary popular culture now more than ever before. 3-D films enhance the depth of the picture that allows it to be viewed in a three dimensional perspective. This affect cannot be seen unless you are wearing special three dimensional glasses when viewing the film.

Three dimensional films have been around as early as the 1950’s and has progressed with all of the technological advancements that make it what it is today. Films have been shown in 3-D for quite some time now, but it never really seemed to catch on until recently. The idea of films being in 3-D has never really caught on as the next big thing like it was thought to be. For some reason 3-D films largely disappear after awhile, but only to return again. Now that people are more excited and fascinated about viewing a movie that is in 3-D, I think that it will be around for awhile this time.  

We go to the movie theater because it gives us that experience that we just cannot get at home. We enjoy the movie going experience, and when you add being able to view a film in 3-D, it further adds to that experience that is already unique in itself. It’s not just the content of the film that drives us to the movie theater. I believe that the year of 2009 is when the 3-D film phenomenon really started exploding onto the scene. The major driving force behind this was when the movie Avatar came out in December 2009 which was shot and available in 3-D. I think that it says a lot that a 3-D film ended up being the highest grossing film of all time. This film helped expose 3-D film to an audience of millions of people. Before this, there were not as many 3-D films being shown, and they weren’t available all the time. Now it seems that 3-D films are available for viewing almost every week with them being shown in more location the ever before. In the five years prior to this, there were a total of only 12 wide released 3-D films with 2009 having 12 by itself. This number then doubled in 2010, and a total of 39 were either released or are set to be released in this year alone. The numbers clearly show the growing trend in 3-D films soaring over the last couple of years.

3-D is being marketed in a way that I have never seen before. In a way, it is being used as a marketing tool to get more viewers into the theater. The fact that a movie is in 3-D alone is enough to attract people to the movie theater now. 3-D is now being marketed by companies that are trying to translate the 3-D experience in the theater over to our home entertainment experience. With all of the technological advancements of 3-D, you can now buy televisions, players, and movies that are all available in 3-D. I don’t think that this idea is quite there yet, but with all of this new technology it has the possibility of becoming a standard where it can be available for every household.

3-D films are becoming a larger part of what the whole movie experience is. The idea of 3-D films have never been pushed this hard by these movie companies like they are now in hopes that it will catch on and stay for awhile. We have seen this before, but nothing like the level that it is at now, so only time will tell if 3-D films are truly here to stay.

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