Greek System: Ryan McAllister


  Since the late 1700’s, universities across America, have offered a guiding light through their schools that has helped new students become more acclimated with their newly acquired independence. For a large group of graduating high school seniors throughout America, the next chapter in their young lives will begin at a university. These young adults will be searching for new friendships and interests once they are away from home. Many universities offer a Greek system which is a culture for students looking to make connections with other students. Fraternities and sororities help new students adapt to life away from home and allow them to make friendships and connections for the rest of their lives.
           The Greek system’s role in contemporary popular culture has been evident in its growth alone, “There are over 9 million Greek members nationally” according to The Fraternity Advisor. Students are obviously joining the Greek system because of the influence and impact it has had on others lives. Fraternities and sororities have members from all different backgrounds of life and do not judge people by their race, sexuality, or how well off a person is. Some people who are not well familiarized with the Greek system may look down on those persons choosing to live that way. Outsiders of the Greek system may think it is all about partying, drinking, and hazing. According to the author of Going Greek, “hazing is condemned by all Greek organizations, but everyone knows that a certain level will most likely take place”. Students choose to be part of the Greek system because its positives outweigh the negatives even though the students may be stigmatized by others. Many fraternities and sororities create philanthropic events to help out in their communities to bring awareness where it is needed. Despite the critics the Greek system has been able to make positive impacts on many people’s lives inside this cultural phenomenon.
        The Greek system is a combination of society as a whole because its members come from many different backgrounds of life and are able to make lasting impacts on each other’s lives. Fraternities and sororities have opened many doors for students future careers because of the connections made with their fellow Greek members. Often time’s fraternities will host events sponsored by major companies because those companies know that Greek system members are the ones that they are marketing towards and what better way to do that then to do it directly. The Greek system’s culture has had a major impact on current and former college students throughout America creating a large following and an even greater interest from society to have a better understanding of the culture.

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