The Smartphone

By Sungguk Bae

Everyone has heard these words. ‘iphone, Google’s android, Blackberry,Linux, window phone, 3G or 4G.’ They are all about the smartphone. According to anOlswang report in early 2011, smartphones are experiencing accelerating rates of adoption: 22% of consumers already have a smartphone, with this percentage rising to 31% amongst 24-35 year olds.  Why are people trying to own a smartphone? Is this phenomenon a personal preference or a social trend? I’ll find out why the smartphone has become an issue.

First of all, smartphones are very different from normal cell phones. Thesmartphone is kind of miniature computer that can also place and receive calls. Amobile operating system is much like what’s powering your personal computer at home or at work. Smartphones allow users to store information, e-mail, installed programs, along with using a mobile phone in one device. After all, if you have a smartphone in your pocket, it means that you carry a computer and cell phone at the same time. The first reason to choose a smartphone is portability and convenience. However, this reason is not only making a choice to have a smartphone. The smartphone is the most important tool in social networking. Smartphone users can send email, check messages on Facebook, and find good restaurants via people reviews from the Zagat application. Those reasons are making people buy smartphones.

Is it really that smartphones do not have any drawbacks? No. It has serious personal and social problems. A few weeks ago, there was an incident to upset smartphone users. The Apple’s iphone is secretly tracking users’ information.The company can track users’ locations and saving details to a secret file. Natasha Singer, who is a journalist at the New York Times, said “You’d have to be living off the grid not to realize that just about everything there is to know about you — whatyou buy, where you go — is worth something to someone. And the more we live online, the more companies learn about us.” Through the smartphone, we offer our information to companies and Government such as personal messages, electronic official documents, consumption history, and current location. The Smartphone is used as an observation tool by company. The companies promote to buy a smartphone to customers. They often offer the special deals only on a smartphone’s applications. This is another reason that people want to get smartphones.

Louis Althusser said “Ideology is encountered in the practices of everyday life and not simply in certain ideas about everyday life.” The Smartphone has become more related to our lives. We can not deny the smartphone era is coming. Before everyone uses smartphone, we should prepare to protect our privacy appropriately.The Government should enact the law that includes provisions relating to privacy and the company must be transparent by law and shares information with customers.


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