Media’s Violence and it Affection on Teenagers by Lamia AlHamidi

Media’s Violence and it Affection on Teenagers 

Does Violence in media have a serious impact on teenagers’ lives? Are they exaggerating? Does it really increase the aggressive level between teenagers? Or does media’s violence effects on teenagers is a minimal issue?

I believe that violence in media has contributed largely on the aggression levels of teenagers who are frequently view violence which may has an affect on their social lives. Tim Kretschmer who’s addicted to video games is an example of that;  one day Kretschmer killed and shoot 15 people in Germany. After stealing a pistol from his father, Kretschmer went to his former school and shot nine students and three teachers, then he ran into downtown Winnenden, shot two more people at a clinic for the mentally ill where he used to receive treatment,  then hijacked a car and went to a Volkswagen dealership in a nearby town of Wendlingen where he shot a salesman and a customer where there, then he end up killing himself.

After that tragedy shooting in Germany, major media outlets are trying to make a connection between the violence and video games. A front page story on “Police searching for a motive behind the shooting which left 15 people dead in Germany have found 15 guns at the killer’s home, as well as video games played by other mass killers.” The 15 guns belonged to the boy’s father. What was the game cited as the preferred pastime of violent psychopaths the world over? Counter Strike of course, and reportedly the shooter Tim Kretschmer was pretty good at it.

The term media violence research refers to studies or clinical experiments that attempt to define how greatly people’s actions are influenced by exposure to violent media like films, television, video games and even music. There are studies designed to prove that this effect is minimal, and many research efforts that claim to show connections between violent media and violent or more aggressive behavior. These oppositional purposes create strong arguments for and against the position that people exhibit more aggression if they’re exposed to more violent images. There is no consensus, despite studies dating back at least 50 years, as to the connection between exposure to violent images and acts. This is perhaps due in part to the fact that this area is notoriously difficult to study and information derived in research or analysis may conflict.

There is a debate if media actually effect teenagers’ behavior or not, some say that we are exaggerating about this topic, teens will never try to hurt people or themselves because of what they watch! They are not young anymore and nor sick mentally, so they can actually distinguish between realty and video games and what’s right to do and what’s not. While the other says its terrifying that media displays violence and abuse everywhere .It’s very dangerous to see these things ,especially if there is people like Kretschmer try to turn what they see into real actions. Teenagers are watching lots of action movies with murder scenes, weapons, blood, abuse and fights. Some of them spend more than 6 hours in front of these kind of scenes, so it must affect on them on a way or anther. However, they all agreed that parents should observe what their children watch or listen to and limit the time they watch TV and/or play video games to avoid negative affection if there is any.

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