Video Game Violence

Christina Hackman

When any person acts aggressively or becomes violent there is usually a reason for it. A common theme in recent video games is the use of realistic violence. For many people it would seem as though playing these types of video games desensitizes us to violence and children can learn to become aggressive through these games. The question I wanted to explore is if there is truly a link between video games causing violence or if people merely use this as an easy excuse to avoid other serious issues.

Over time video games have gotten increasingly more violent and more realistic. It used to be that before when a character would die they would simply disappear or poof off the screen, now a days it is almost exactly like it would be in real life, if not more gory for effect. Video games have often been associated with addiction. Many professionals think that when a person has an addiction to violent video games it can increase aggression, even if only temporarily after playing the games. In many people it is seen that the aggression stays with them and they act out to people outside of playing the game. While the idea of these types of games causing violent behavior is just a theory, there is a strong link between violent video games and bullying. There is a correlation between playing video games and becoming aggressive towards others but yet have they proven that it causes people to become violent.

The idea of linking violence and video games is extremely common. It may have become such a popular idea because parents and professionals want an easy solution to the problem.  However, there has yet to be a really strong tie between the two. In records it shows that violent crimes have extremely decreased in the passed two decades among youth. This is despite the fact that video game sales are rising in the millions, especially violent video games. Another theory is that, while video games will not cause a person to become violent, it can have affects on people that are biologically predisposed to aggression. Psychologist Sean P. Neubert says that a person who is predisposed can be strongly influenced by the types of scenes seen in these video games.

While there have been no direct link between video games and violence there it can be seen as video games influencing some violence. Between the ideas that people become temporarily aggressive or if video games cause violence in already aggressive children, there is still the obvious idea that these types of video games desensitize the youth to extreme violence.

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