The Video Game Generation

By Sungguk Bae

*Caution: It’s not a grammar fixed version. You can see some or lots of mistakes in this writing. This writing will be fixed this as soon as possible. I’m sorry for your inconvenience.

I grew up in the video arcade and played different games such as Street Fighter, old airplane shooting game, Ninja Turtle, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Daytona USA and so on. I was rushing back to my mother when I ran out of quarters. This is old memories of my life. When I was a teenager, I had my computer and start to playing the computer games. In 1997, a sensational game came out. That was the “Starcraft”.

This game made a new place to play a game. It’s called “PC Bang” It means a room with the computers. Teenagers usually go there for hanging out after school. I was also the one of them who played ‘Starcraft’ at PC Bang.

I have been through the era from the video games to the online games. I could call me the game boy by myself. But, I felt guilty when I was playing a game. Because, my parents strictly warned me not to play a game, but I continued to play the games. Why was playing a game guilty? What’s the effect of video games in my life? I think I don’t have any serious problems both mentally and physically from the video and online games. Most of my friends are the same as me. However, the video games commonly seem to be a impediment to study, the reasons of lack of relationship, the catalysts of mental illness. I want to try to find out why people in U.S think on-line game is too bad than actual it is.

The online games tend to be the age limited culture. Currently, online game is not covered all ages in our society in general. It’s obviously more focused on the young people. We can see a lot of games are having the Hollywood’s style of scenes, the cheesy rock tuned BMG, the frothy stories and the ridiculous actions. It’s closer to be defined the teenagers’ movie. So it’s easily viewed by adults as the low and cheap culture. For example, rock music was the youth culture in 60’s. It was very violent, sexual, secular and commercialized. The older generation people at that time said “It’s the devil music. It ruins our children and culture. We should stop to play and listen that music.”  Paradoxically, rock music is one of the most successful cultural sensation in U.S. I think game culture is kind a similar thing. I think we should see reality in our society. We already have more than a million gamers. If we are looking in a pessimistic eye on games, constantly, we may have more bad situations in our society. We try to understand the online culture and find a way to reduce the negative effects.

Yesterday, I had a presentation about the online game in South Korea. I presented how the online games are popular and it also has the big market in all over the world. The most students in the class seemed like they couldn’t believe that. Because it is not happened in here yet. I was a same person who didn’t care about computer things. However, since 1998, almost all of my friends were playing and watching game. It was not changed all at once but it was pretty a fast transition. After we played basketball, soccer and any outdoor activities, we went to PC Bang directly for playing Starcraft for an hour. However, we never played the games over an hour. I just lost the interest of games when I graduated high school. I think the online game culture is not a strange, awkward and not cool thing. It’ll be just part of the youth culture like rock music. Everything has both the positive and negative side. We should watch this new cultural movement carefully and not offensively.

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