Written by Chris Granat

Video Games in Education, an article written on a website called Adult Learn, is an insightful view in the world of ‘edutainment’ – a coined word (which apparently spell check was aware of, but I had no idea!) that combines the word ‘education’ and ‘entertainment.’ Studies have shown that some kids learn well from extra outside stimuli when it comes to learning and that these educational video games can really help kids, and adults, learn outside the classroom. I think this is a really fascinating subject, as images of the new Star Trek movie come to mind; a flashback was being shown where Spock was back in school as a kid and every Vulcan child (his alien species) was standing in their own separate area while images flashed around them asking them various questions and awaiting a response. Basically, it could be thought of as a self taught, personal computer lead school. The Vulcan’s hold intelligence and logic as one of the single most important traits in a humanoid. I think this raises some interesting questions and makes me wonder, are we headed for this kind of school system in our distant future?

Young Spock at the Vulcan Academy


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