Video Games By Lamia AlHamidi

Video Games

video games like everything else has positive and negative sides. Before, the main positive side we can get from video games is entertaining, but now it means more than just that; people can get money from playing , furthermore, video games attempt to be the place were they work instead of having a regular offices, so its not jut for kids to play anymore, its also for adult to work as well. However, we can’t ignore the negatives we may get from video gaming.

Over the years we pursue how technology changed us and made us kind of slave to it; we start to use it all the time wherever we go, we can’t go out without having our cellphones, its kind of odd to do exercise without listing to our iPods, TV must be on, even if we’re having a “quality time” with our families, and if we’re having friends comes over, playing video games must be one of, if it wasn’t all, the activities we’re having.

In my opinion, video games has an impact may harm us, especially teenagers and even younger. Teenagers spend a lot of time playing video games and I don’t blame them cause it has levels and they get existed to be in a higher level and win! But the more time they spend it playing these games, the less time they have to work on their school’s homework, home duties, exercise and most importantly, spending time with their families. In the past, a fifth tenth boy we’ll come back from his school talking or singing with his friends till he arrive to his house then he’ll do his homework, after that he’ll play with his dad baseball, or ride a pick with his neighbors, then he’ll have a dinner with his family while they check on each other, and finally he’ll go to sleep thinking that he must play harder in baseball to make his father proud and he must beat his neighbor in tomorrow’s race. Nows a day, a fifth tenth boy we’ll come back from his school having his headphone in, till he arrive to his house then he’ll check on his Facebook to see if there’s any comment on what he posted two minutes ago, and then he’ll call his friend to hang out together, his friend will come they’ll start to play video games till the night, mom keeps calling them for dinner but she end up giving them the dinner, and they’ll eat it while they’re playing, its getting late, the friend leaves, and the boy go to his room to sleep but he must check on his Facebook to tell the people what level he’s in and that he’s going to bed! on his bed what goes on in his mind is “we must finish this game by tomorrow so we could start to play the new version .. oh snap I didn’t do my homework.. I’ll do it on the bus tomorrow morning.”

Its nice to have an entertaining thing to do, especially to escape for a while from all this pressure. However, we shouldn’t let it control us and spend along of time playing with it, we must give everything its right; give our family their right and spend time with them, give our body its right and work out at leas to move the blood circulation, and of curse give enough time to do our duties for school and home.

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