Ideology and Popculture

By Chris

Ideology and Pop culture

I have always really liked the advertisements for the i pod but I have never really put a lot of thought into what the advertisement is trying to accomplish. After taking a few minutes to reflect and really take a good look at the advertisements, I realize the underlining meaning that the apple is trying to portray.  In the advertisements of the i pod, the image of the person is always blacked out and they are always having fun and dancing around, accompanied by fun and upbeat music, giving the impression that if you have an i pod you will be free and have fun in your own little world. In my opinion apple has changed the face of the music industry, no longer do we go and by a CD from a record store, we now just down load it off line, even thought the sound quality is not nearly as good as the sound quality on a CD. But it is cheaper for the consumer and also for the record labels, which are able to get the music out to a larger audience faster.  Along with all of the advertisements there has become an ideology that goes with the i pod, and that is that we can express our own individuality in the music we love but still fit into what is cool and popular. But I think the most important element of the advertisement is in the fact that every image of a person in the commercial is blacked out, all you are able to see is if the individual is male or female, giving the viewer the opportunity to put themselves in that persons place and attach their own image of what the individual on TV looks like. This is amazing because often you associate certain types of people, or groups with advertisements, but apple has done something amazing and that is they left the advertisement open to each individuals opinion of who, or what group would, and could use this product, and by doing this apple has opened the door to everybody no matter what age, race, gender, or group you associate with, you can put yourself in that advertisement.

            I think that apple as also changes the idea of pop culture in a way also, usually pop culture will mean different things depending on who you are, what I see as pop culture is going to be different then a teenager, that teens parents, friends and even siblings. I cant think of any other product or group of product that are on the market or have been on the market that has broken the mold and been able to reach such a vast audience, it isn’t very often you can have Christmas where the teenager and the parents all are wanting the newest i pod, or for the matter the newest i pad, I cant think of any other product that has ever been on the market that has ever reached such a broad audience. Another way that we see this ideology taking place is in the fact that this product as spanned all social classes, you can see every one from famous movie stars and athletes, all the way to the working class that takes public transportation, all of them have their i pods and they are all putting themselves in that advertisement and expressing there individuality and their place in pop culture.

            I don’t think that I have really spent much time thinking about pop culture and how it has influenced me, even though I am sure it has in many ways, because I can look at all the things that I have everything form the cloths I wear to the car that I drive, pop culture has influenced me, and of course I do have an i pod. But I think what has really made me think about pop culture and the influences it has on people is when it comes to my kids and all the things that are going to influence them as they grow up. Things are different now then when I grew up, the availability of information and the way we able to communicate has all been changed because of pop culture, and in some ways I think it is really cool and I am excited to see how it effects my kids, but in other ways I scares me, because I don’t want to see my kids pressured by pop culture to be something that they are not, or to be pressured into believing that they are something less then they are. And I think the part that really scares me is the fact that it will be mine, and my wife’s responsibility to teach our kids how to filter through all of the ideologies and through pop culture, that they will be confronted with. Not to say that a lot of ideologies are bad or are going to affect my kids in a bad way, I just want to see my kids have the best chance to succeed in everything that they want too, and I don’t want pop culture influence them to be something that they don’t want to be.


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