Apple Advertising

By: Yahan Zhang

It doesn’t matter whether we are stay at home or walk outside, we seeing advertisement everyday. The creative artists and designers try so hard to push those information into our mind and we try even harder to ignore those. But there are some of them, we just can’t ignore. For me, the Apple advertisement is one of the advertisement that I couldn’t walk away from it.

I still could recall the music from the advertisement that Apple company had for Macbook Air. It’s a 30 seconds simple and short video. In the video, a yellow thin envelope lie on the table, a hand showed up and start to unwrap it. And then, the hand slowly pull out a Macbook Air Laptop from the envelope. The size of the hand and Macbook Air shows a striking contrast.

The first thing pop in my mind wasn’t about buying a new Macbook Air, but to check the music from the advertisement. Now I know the song’s name is called New Soul by the French-Israeli indie folk singer Yael Naim. This song is become popular follow the Advertisement. Many people know this song because of the Apple. This song also remind people of the Laptop every time they listen to it.

This is a very successful way of selling the idea of Apple. Different and unique high tech products shows people what could a life be and how awesome if you have it. For the people who has a good life but not extremely rich, to own the Latest thing is a good way to stand out from their social circle.

Those high-tech products are trying to create a new ideology for people. To help them decided what do they need is simple as keep them blind and only show one way in front of them. Some people will keep walking on the road that Apple made for them. If they could look around their will find out they are not any higher or farther than any one because other people are doing the exactly same thing.

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