Axe Commercial Ideology

By: Ryan

Ideology is a very broad term that applies to almost everything. I would personally define Ideology as an agreed upon way of thinking of a group or groups. When you apply Ideology to popular culture you have to look below the surface of whatever popular culture you are looking at in order to realize the whole meaning. For this reflective writing assignment I choice to analyze a popular commercial advertisement for Axe shampoo.  In this commercial, an average young man is shown at a party. He walks into the kitchen and an attractive girl follows him in there. There she practically mounts the guy on the countertop and declares “I want to bury my face in your backside”, then she grabs his hair and takes in a big whiff. I decided to analyze this commercial because it bugs me a little when whenever I see it on T.V. and I thought it would be a fun challenge to take a commercial I didn’t really like and pick it a part.

Many ideas underlie this commercial. Perhaps the biggest idea is the one that poses to young men that if you buy Axe products you can also get an attractive girl to “bury her face in your backside”. Another idea presented is the idea of being social and attending parties such as the one in the commercial. This shows what kind of a market Axe is targeting. Other Ideas include having a certain style, such as long hair, and of course the idea of using your sexuality in any scenario.  Axe uses this commercial to associate their name with different ideologies of today’s society. These associations included are if you use Axe shampoo your hair will be irresistible, and that even normal skinny guys can get a hot girl if they use this shampoo. This commercial is mainly targeting young men in their early teens to late twenties because this is group that is most likely to buy into the idea that a men’s hair product can help you get some ladies.

To be completely honest with you, I have been very unaware of the ideologies that underlie popular culture. I always try to understand everything I see on T.V and in the movies but there is so much more that popular culture feeds into my mind that I didn’t even know. For example, I am now addicted to Red Bull and I never really stopped to consider that media might have had something to with it. I always just thought I became addicted because it tasted so good and the caffeine got me hooked, but why did I even began drinking Red Bull in the first place? The more I analyze it the more I realized I only started drinking Red Bull because of all the commercials and Ads it put out. This academic look at ideology really has changed the way I think about popular culture. Popular culture is more than an aspect of life that is popular in todays culture, but something that can slip into ones unconscious mind and affect how they look at the world they live in.


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