Kaitlin Nugent

The word ideology is defined as an idea that reflects a person, group, or culture. It is a set of beliefs that form based on political or social influence. I believe my advertisement picture perfectly depicts the ideas of America. The advertisement I picked is a picture of a girls back with the Bacardi logo tattooed in the place typically known as a “tramp stamp.” The advertisement is obviously trying to sell Bacardi Vodka by using a sexy girl. The text below the picture reads, “Librarian by day Bacardi by night” which gives it a sense of innocence that this girl is a very good girl during the day however once she gets Bacardi at night she is a completely different person. This girl in the picture is also very tanned and not wearing much clothes, her face is completely hidden and all you can see is her body and a glass of Bacardi. I believe the message this advertisement is trying to get across is that if you drink Bacardi you will meet sexy girls like this and if you are a girl Bacardi will make you feel sexy.

This advertisement is a really good example of how the advertisement world has taken a turn towards the sexual. Advertisements are now exploiting men and women in appropriate ways making a product look more appealing by adding “sex appeal” because let’s be honest sex does sell. This advertisement in particular is portraying that this girl is sexy and cool because she’s drinking Bacardi. Honestly in most of these “sexy” ads it’s hard to tell exactly what they are trying to sell. If there was no Bacardi logo in this advertisement I would think they were trying to sell tanning lotion because this girl’s tan is what sticks out to me the most. She also appears to look wet which does not make me think of vodka at all. I feel like advertisement companies are just putting sexy people on ads to make people stop and stare at how sexy someone is. I’ve seen so many ads in which it looks as though the two people in the ad are about to have sex.

I believe this trend will continue which is the sad but honest truth. We as Americans live in a world completely caught up with sex. This will probably have a strong effect on girls in the next generation because they will think that it is okay to walk down the street wearing barely any clothes. They will think it is okay to be overtly sexy and behavior provocatively because right now that is the world in which they are growing up in. I believe the teen pregnancy rates will only increase unless something drastic is done to prevent it. I also think that boys will start being more and more disrespectful towards women because women are portraying themselves as not being respectful to themselves by posing extremely provocatively in advertisements such as this one.

Before this assignment I was aware that the advertisement industry has begun to be extremely sexual in their ads but I didn’t really think much into it or have a very strong opinion about this sort of activity. However, after doing this assignment and watching Killing me Softly I now realize that this is a crazy sexual epidemic that is hitting popular culture. The concept of sex sells is in my opinion an easy way out for advertisement companies. I believe there are better more original ways of selling a product rather than using half naked girls. I understand that sex does sell but so does creativity. Perhaps if the companies slowly start turning the notch down on the sexy advertisements we could live in a world a little less caught up with sex. Everything now day’s is about sex and it will hurt the younger generations in the end who will see sex in the future as a normal everyday sort of thing. These ads are typically generating the notion that this is normal in America. It gives the idea that we are obsessed with sex that this is the norm. I would like to see things change, for art to be more appreciated in advertisements over simple naked girls however I do not believe this trend will ever end. If anything it is just going to get more and more sexualized.

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