Carls Jr.

By: Jessie

In Carls’ Jr.’ barbeque burger commercial featuring Paris Hilton, the burger is the last thing to show up. Paris Hilton is shown in a bikini, washing a car and suggestively grinding on top of it. Towards the end of the clip, she takes one bite of a burger, and text is followed that says “That’s Hot”, her catchphrase. This commercial is definitely targeted towards a male audience. 
    I believe that Paris Hilton wanted to do this advertisement more than Carls Jr. wanted her in it. She became famous on nothing more than her looks and her money. Finding ways to stay in the media is what keeps her afloat. This was just one more way for her to stay in the public eye, in a sexy way. 
    The media continually uses sex to sell just about anything. By doing so, they use women as sex objects to make men want to buy things. But where does that leave women? They use women in advertisements to make women want to buy things, too. Women who are incredibly beautiful, incredibly thin, and if we would just buy that conditioner or mascara we could look just like them! 
    To me, it seemed more like a car commercial than anything else. They took the topic completely out of context. There was no subtlety here. Spraying water on yourself while scantily clad isn’t something that I would think of when wanting to eat a hamburger. However, this has become the norm in our society. I doubt people thought twice when that commercial aired in between the football game they were watching. 
    I have been somewhat conscious of the culture we live in prior to starting this class.     Movies like Dreamworlds have been eye openers to me. However, it’s hard to realize everything that the media puts out there. We become immune to the innuendo when it’s thrown at us every day. 
    Hearing that the average American is subjected to over three thousand advertisements daily was a shock to me. When you have that much media being thrown in your face, you can’t help but let it seep into your subconscious. I understand that companies are doing what they must to sell their product. I just feel that they are going about it in a way that is harmful to the population. 
    Growing up, I think that the media definitely affected how I felt about myself. I watched the television shows about models and watched all the makeup commercials. I still subscribe to Cosmopolitan. I tell myself that I brush off all the pictures of the beautiful girls, but I know that it’s hard to completely tune that out. 
    I think these advertisements affect how we think of others as well. When we are shown images of only the “perfect” looking people, we are bound to judge others more harshly. After being assaulted by image after image of models, we compare people on the street, in the classroom, at work, to these made up people. These images are what make bullying and judgement such a huge problem across the world. 
    It’s only the beginning of the term, and I already feel my eyes opening up to everything around me. You have to be an active participant in your everyday life in order to see all of this. Since the time we were children, this has been a part of our everyday life. It takes work to really step back and think about what’s around you. I for one, want to see the things that really matter and learn to look past the artifical selling points. To me, THAT’S hot.

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