By Maria

It is nearly impossible not to witness at least one advertisement in a day. It is even more impossible not to want what the advertisement is presenting to you. Ever since I started high school I have been wearing makeup. In fact, it’s rare that I go a day without wearing any makeup. I am a person that will try many different kinds of foundations or mascaras in order to find the perfect one, or even one that comes close to what an advertisement promises. Just like many other women in the world, I have fallen victim of trying to fit into the cultural ideology of beauty. Our popular culture’s ideology is that flawless skin and big eyes are what make a person beautiful.

One particular advertisement for makeup that promises perfect, flawless skin is the Covergirl advertisement for Natureluxe Makeup. In this advertisement in which Taylor Swift talks about a new Covergirl foundation makeup that is light and has a natural flawless finish. In this advertisement Taylor Swift seems to emulate popular cultures definition of beauty.

This advertisement for Natureluxe makeup is just one advertisement of millions that presents to the world a particular defining ideological image as to what beauty is. There are many definitions as to what an ideology is, but one in particular is that texts, such as advertisements, always show the world particular images. This advertisement gives the world a particular image as to what beauty is. Beauty is young and flawless but also natural. This particular advertisement shows that in order for women to be natural, they have to put on makeup.

This type of ideological image that this advertisement is sending out into the world can have drastic effects on individuals. These advertisements are selling to a particular audience, and in this case it’s women. These advertisements are telling women that they are not beautiful unless they have the same beauty characteristics as Taylor Swift.  For every woman in this world, that task is impossible simply by not being Taylor Swift. If they want to come close to looking like Taylor Swift, they are still going to fall short. Women are air brushed in the majority of advertisements that we see. Women buy these products hoping to come close to the ideological definition of beauty, but always come up short in comparison. There is always something that can be improved or altered to get them closer to being the particular image of beautiful.

The fact that it is impossible to reach these beauty goals makes women self conscious and can even lead to depression. Instead of feeling unique or beautiful in their own way, many women walk around every day feeling ugly because they don’t fit into the ideological definition of beauty. Instead of celebrating uniqueness and different ideas of what beauty is, women end up going through great lengths of altering themselves to fit a particular ideology.

Even though I know, just like millions of other women, that the ideological version of beauty is impossible to achieve, I find myself in the same search for it and end up failing when I don’t succeed. Ever since I started to put on makeup in high school, I have been on a hunt to find the perfect foundation, mascara or eyeliner. It is a losing battle. Even though I know that the advertisements are falsified and unrealistic, I still give in to them.

The ideology of beauty has had a negative effect on me. However, as I’ve been getting older, I have started to look at what these advertisements and unrealistic expectations are doing to not only me but to others around me, my friends, family, and acquaintances. They make people feel bad about themselves when they have no reason to feel bad. The pressure that comes from feeling the need to look a certain way is destructive. I’ve spent time and money trying to fit into popular culture’s ideology of beauty, and ultimately, I could have been using my time and money on much more important things.

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