Levis Jeans

By: Gladys

We are always surrounded by advertisements; on average we encounter at least 3,000 advertisements per day.  Everywhere we look there is always an advertisement trying to persuade us to purchase something. Over time the impact the media has had on women has grown enormously, and I know it is something that we can not avoid in today’s society. The media is the number one source women obtain the most influence from, everywhere women look there is an advertisement selling them some type of product that can supposedly help her look and feel better about her body. Over the years I have noticed that it is not so much the product we are focused on, but more of the models who are selling it.  When I look at an advertisement I do not focus on the product at first, I focus on the models, and of course that is what companies want their advertisement to do. If a company can catch your attention with the models on the advertisement then they know you will take their product into consideration.

In the advertisement I found from Levis jeans, the company is trying to sell a new line of jeans. The text on the ad reads “All asses were not created equal”; it shows three girls who have their back facing us, an American flag in the background, and the main focus being their bottoms. The ad is trying to associate the idea that not all girls have the same body type and these jeans are meant to fit all. However looking at the advertisement all three girls have very similar body figures, which makes all three of them look identical.  Even though the advertisement is focusing on the idea that not everyone was created the same, the ad is only representing a certain group of girls, girls who are lean and light skinned. The fact that the ad only focuses on one type of women body type and skin color defeats the message the ad is try to get across. Since the ad only focuses on one type of women I feel like most women would feel disconnected with the ad because the United States is very culturally diverse not all women are thin, tall, and light skinned, women from different cultures have different body types and skin colors.

I feel like over time we become very conscious about popular culture, and how we are always surrounded by it. However I personally do not feel like I have always been conscious about the ideologies that underlie popular culture. Now that I am taking a class about popular culture and I have done some reading about the different descriptions of ideology, I realize that popular culture is a much deeper subject that really affects us. I feel like these ideologies have had a negative effect on how I perceive myself, because the ideologies that we are presented with about groups of people always presenting us a particular image has really led me to have a negative image about myself. The image the media portrays of just one type of women who is slim and slender is unrealistic for all women to live by. Every woman in the world can not look the same, women have different body types who they should love and appreciate. If the media would portray different type of women bodies than women would learn to accept and feel comfortable in their own skin. Even though the media has caused me to have a negative image about myself, I feel like at the same time it has made me have more respect towards women. I can respect women because I know what they feel everyday, and the pressure the media may cause on them to look and ideal way. All women were not created equal so why should we feel like we all have to look the same. 

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