by Ramla


I chose to analyze the fast food restaurant “McDonalds. I chose it because it is one of the most successful branding and marketing industries of our nation today. Almost everyone you know is familiar with fast food chains like McDonalds; in fact it might the first one you ever heard of. Let’s first analyze the meaning of popular culture according to John Storey. By reading Storey’s popular culture meaning, he suggested it has four current meanings today. Popular culture is first well-like by many people.  Second its must have inferior kinds of work. Third it must work deliberately setting out to win favour by the people, and culture actually made by the people for themselves. By looking at the term McDonalds fits all four of the current meanings of popular culture. Even countries outside of the U.S have made it their culture norm as well. Countries like Pakistan and the UAE are among them.

Over the past decade we have to come to realize that the fast food nation has taken over the popular culture scene. It’s amazing to find that it started off with a little stand of hamburger on a bun to expanding all over across the nation. No wonder America has the highest rate of obesity because of this fast food phenomenon like McDonalds. Businesses today are so focused to conformity that if they advertize what people want to eat and what everyone is eating they will make money. By advertizing the foods at McDonalds, how “Fast” the food is made and how “money-saving” it has become a powerful social phenomenon. From its catchy “I’m loving it” tune to Ronald McDonald himself, you can’t get away from the entire fad.  Whether we love or despise it, we are accustomed to it and it’s a sensation.

Writing Prompts

The central idea of the text I am analyzing is that food can be made fast and delicious and in your convenience and for little exchange. It tries to associate by branding it to be the social norm, advertising it to where families come to eat, what kids love, and now McDonald’s also carries” healthy foods”. It comes with new ways to advertise and to market it better because as a culture we are forever changing. It represents regular American families as regular customers of fast food. It has negative effects on the health of many people in the U.S, battling obesity and other health issues.

I wasn’t ever really conscious to that ideologies that underlie popular culture. I think I subconsciously was aware but never really looked too into it. I think that’s the overall all power it has on many people in our society, what are values and beliefs are in the system and the relationship between producers and consumers are. This academic look into ideology has somewhat changed the way I look at popular culture because I come from a different culture outside the U.S and was keen on some of the ideologies of american popular culture. The same ideologies has also spanned into many other cultures in the world so I was familiar too it from looking at it from the outside in as oppose to being born into this popular culture scene.

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