Miss Turkey Ideology

By Ramy

That 2009 “Carl’s Jr – Miss Turkey”ad was one of a series of an ad campaign of Carl’s Jr, but it was the only ad I had access to on Youtube; all other ads of the same campaign were private for some reason.  Any way the ad is supposed to be about a new turkey burger, but for sure the main character in the ad isn’t the burger.  Miss Turkey -a very hot woman- having a turkey burger while she is walking on the beach, and the burger was just a secondary detail in the ad “To help you remember the new Carl’s  Jr turkey burger we hired Miss Turkey, to help you remember Miss Turkey we put her into a bikini, to help you remember miss turkey’s bikini, we had design these little tiny pictures of our Carl’s Jr turkey burger, and is just the way it is. The new -under 500 Calories- charbroiled burgers from Carl’s Jr.” This ad’s lyric which clearly show the main point in this ad and all other ads within the same campaign; Sexuality.

The ad is trying to make that association between sexy women, the hot body, and that Carl’s Jr burger.  Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, and Miss Turkey are all famous sexy women were used in this ad campaign, using hot women would make that association, when we think about something to eat, we will easily remember that sexy Miss Turkey.  I think that is the main point in the ad, making the first thought to run into your mind when you think about fast food are those hot women in the ad of Carl’s Jr.

“So if you can’t remember the burger or that pretty woman, you’ll remember her hot body with the bikini” so It’s representing woman as being that sexy woman with that perfect skinny body.  Most women who are seeing this add will get the feeling that they are missing something; they don’t have that sexy body.  So the ad shows that being sexy is what woman should normal look like.  A lot of women may get to be unhappy with how they look because of all these ads that showing how “normal” woman should look like.  Women watching these ads start buying those products to look like those sexy models.  But buying fast food is unhealthy, that is why the ad is stating that this burger is “under 500 calories” to explain that this burger is healthy and won’t affect your body, it may even make you look like that sexy model.

And also men are represented as they all what care about is the sexy body as when that Miss Turkey took off and showed her bikini, all men were staring at her body.  So men watching the ad will have the ideology that the only thing they should care about in a woman is her body, which also gives the wrong message to women to do all what they can to have a hot body to be liked by men.

There is an obvious ideology shown in the ad; women have to have that sexy body.  Men all what they should care about is the woman’s body.  This ideology which is a distorted image of the reality is kept shown in texts, ads, and movies until it became something we all think it’s the true and a part of the popular culture.

Seeing that ad for the first time, all I looked at was that hot woman,  all men in the ad were staring at her body, so I got the ideology that this is what is normal.  Then I started thinking about that ideology that made me believe that all what should get my attention in a woman is her body. A lot of our popular culture is based on some ideology we have in our society.  So I’ve to think about my own popular culture, and think about its source was it based on just texts that we have been reading and seeing too much until it became unconsciously a culture for me.  So for me, I hope later I be aware of ideologies that reflect on my thoughts, and clearly understand the different ideologies in ads, movies, and different texts that I absorb daily without thinking clearly about them.

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