The World’s Most Refreshing Beer Spokesperson


Ice Cold Coors Light

    My piece of pop culture is a Coors Light beer television advertisement pitting O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson against a bucket of Coors Light. Jackson is a well known, rapper and actor popular among those influenced by the 1990’s hip-hop scene. The commercial uses Ice Cube’s recognizable face and gangster image to set up the comedy that is Ice Cube intimidating a longneck bottle of Coors Light. Coors chooses to highlight the temperature of their beer in this ad, by showcasing the features on the bottle which indicates if the beer is “cold” or “super cold.” The dialogue includes a series of intimidating statements from Ice Cube insisting that no one is colder than him which are directed at the beer. The beer responds with signs of coolness, such as summoning a chilly breeze to disorganize some papers and spraying ice on Ice Cube’s face. Then it promptly ends with the statement, “Coors Light, the world’s most refreshing beer.”
    The main idea of the advertisement is that Coors Light beer is ice cold, thus making it the most refreshing choice. What the consumer takes in is that Coors Light is a hip beer associated with Ice Cube and rap music and that when indicated, super cold is the most refreshing beer. Coors clearly attempts to associate itself with the rapper/actor Ice Cube as a way of linking its beer with thoughts of a good time, refreshment and a gangster image. The ad effectively uses comedy to draw in the viewer stating that Coors Light is colder than Ice Cube or an ice cube with a clever twist of words. They connected themselves with Ice Cube in order to reach out to the people who drink their product, a lower priced, easy drinking light beer. These people are 21-30 years of age, those who can recognize Ice Cube and appreciate the humor behind a one-time gangster squaring off with a bucket of cold Coors Light. The effect is that we associate beer with being cool, and gangster while the ad focuses the viewer’s attention on the temperature and drink ability of their product. The way Coors Light markets their light beer as drinkable instead of low calorie also speaks to the demographic of the younger adults that Coors targets. By marketing the product as “cool,” Coors has to talk about refreshment and drinkability over its potential weight loss benefits because weight loss isn’t cool in popular culture.
    Previous to this class, I was only semi-aware of the affect of ideology on popular culture. I had heard before of the dangers of advertisements to women and what effects they have on our cultures view of what a woman should look and act like. In my piece, Coors Light highlights the ideology that beer is rebellious and cool by attaching itself with Ice Cube and dialogue displaying a struggle for dominance. This new way of looking at popular culture has affected the way I approach it daily. I know that popular culture is unavoidable in my life, I try to find the hidden meanings and avoid falling into the traps that pop culture can set. Ideologies that affect my life are those about age. Shop owners will sometimes attach the ideology that young people steal and will treat me with disrespect. The same will happen at restaurants where young people are given worse service on the assumption that they tip less. I believe most ideologies are negative, especially the ones dealing with race, gender, class and sexual orientation because popular culture stresses one ideal way and most people cannot fit the standards.

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