Vodka and Spandex Legs

Popular Culture can easily be identified from what fashions are trendy, what music is “cool” right up to what products (food, clothes, cars etc.) we should buy. It is easiest to see what popular culture is when observing advertisements, in the advertisement I chose you see a woman’s legs wrapped seductively around a bottle of Skyy Vodka. It isn’t just the positioning of her legs, but the material and color that her legs are wearing, red spandex and of course red stilettos. It can easily be said that one thing that will never be unpopular is alcohol and sex. Sex sells, and alcohol offers an escape. Who wouldn’t want to feel sexy, isn’t that associated with feeling good?

Everyday the population is exposed to images and ideologies of what women should be and how they should act, according to advertisers; we should be merely sexual objects and playthings for the men of society. The unfortunate thing is because woman have been exposed to this ideology since we were young children it is almost impossible to shake this idea, it will always be subconsciously engraved into our brains. No matter how aware of the ideologies that are being put out there about women, still I find myself buying this product or that product because it makes me look good, and looking good is what I, as a woman, am supposed to do.

On the topics of looks, drinking sure looks fun! At least that’s what advertisers want you to think, they sell the public on the idea of fun, and to have fun you either need this car or this outfit and most often, you need to drink this brand of alcohol. Why? Well because look at all the women that surround this alcohol and this man that drinks this alcohol, you too, could have your own pair of red spandex legs going home with you if you drink this vodka! Unfortunately it’s not the truth, drinking isn’t just a one-time thing, one night of fun. What advertisers forget to advertise, is the baby you’ll be taking care of for the rest of your life after that one night stand with spandex legs, the guilt you’ll carry after killing the family in the car that you hit while driving drunk, the money you’ll lose to addiction. Yes, these are extreme cases, but why not refer to the extreme cases, they could very possibly happen, especially while drinking. But we forget this, drinking is fun, its sexy and that’s what we’re told. That’s what we think before we drink, and as we drink, but really how sexy can one feel in the bar bathroom, puking up dinner?

Though, I have developed quite a distaste for advertisements in popular culture, they aren’t all of popular culture. Trendy fashion is a very welcome part of popular culture, music, books, and exercising trends (currently biking) are all great parts of popular culture. It is impressive how because a certain book is popular, how people who otherwise would never have read it, become interested in the book, merely because it is popular. Popular culture is very much about identity, finding or developing an identity. Unfortunately this is the problem with popular culture is, is that it has developed a nation full of people who are insecure about who they are and what their identity is.

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