we love our women natural

by brand0n

The text used for analysis is an Ulta Beauty advertisement. This advertisement is promoting Hairspray. The hairspray is in a big pink bottle with the text saying “bigsexyhair” written in big white font. The advertisement is pink all over, with a red note on the top right saying, “Big Sexy Hair $9.99 each”. To the left of the advertisement holds a margin with a text saying “October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month” with a huge ribbon behind the text as a background. Under that text lays another text saying, “donate with a kiss” and printed next to this text are red kiss marks. Then lastly, below of the advertisement is a tear-off coupon in big, red, bold letters saying “20% off”.
All of these characteristics of this advertisement suggest their target market (young women primarily) to purchase this product by this advertisement in a lot of influential ways. One way to begin with, the big bold words of “bigsexyhair” influences young women to buy the product because looking at the advertisement causes them to think this product will make their hair big and sexy. Also, the coupon on the bottom, “20% off” will have the women tear off and use the coupon to buy the product, influencing them to think they will save money and be sexy. Also, the left margin about the breast cancer awareness will convince young women that not only buying them will enhance their beauty, but promote to a good cause. Thus, this will cause the consumer to feel good about herself and feel extra satisfied after purchasing. The bright pink colors helps grabs the attention for young women, and the red kiss marks adds more of a girly design for the advertisement, just to notify young women that this advertisement is directed towards them.
The reading, Practices of Looking, talks about how images portray a categorization and identification of people. This advertisement portrays its target market to the categorization of young women. With these obvious girly details in the advertisement, it definitely makes its target to young women. This image simply sends the message that young women can have big sexy hair with this hairspray. Thus, this advertisement portrays one of the biggest “ideologies” in America: For women to stay looking pretty and sexy.
In the reading, What is Popular culture, one of the definitions of Ideology that John Storey discusses about says“…to draw attention to the way in which texts (television fiction, pop songs, novels, feature films, etc.) always present a particular image of the world” (4, Storey). This advertisement goes well under this definition because the advertisement simply evokes the message to be sexy. Looking sexy is the association this advertisement gets to. This advertisement, just like other advertisement for young women, give the image to look a certain way that America’s company offers them to be, a certain way to look sexy.
This association affects these young girls in a variety of ways. First of all, it gives young women the idea of what they should spend financially. Possibly most of the money spent with young women might be on a lot of beauty products and clothing. Other affects are on their psychology, either if it self-esteem, their reputation etc. However, the main concern is what kind of ideology these young women get. The ideology to be and remain sexy then becomes one of young women’s top ideologies over many other less-materialistic values and ideologies. This may cause women to put in priority more material and products as their main concern over other important ideologies such as Individuality, and Skin-deep beauty.
This video is a video I found online that talks about how mass media has caused us to objectify women, thus causing women to forget their power.
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