Psuedo celebrities

By: Jessie

Jessie Hayman                                                                                                                    Topic Selection Paper

            A celebrity is generally assumed to be a person famous for their work. They might be an actor/actress, a singer, a sports player, or a comedian. But in today’s society, more and more people are becoming famous for…nothing. A wave of reality television mania hit the United States in the last few years. Since then, pseudo celebrities have been coming out of the woodworks.
            I believe it started with Nicky and Paris Hilton. They took the tabloids by storm, with pictures of them dancing and drinking the night away. Soon to follow was Paris Hilton’s reality television show The Simple Life, airing in September of 2007.
            The Hiltons, of the Hilton hotels, are considered heiresses. There is something exciting about that term. They have a lifestyle of luxury, and that’s what people today dream of. The Cinderella story of the past is gone, where Prince Charming comes and sweeps you off your feet. Today, the dream of young people is to in some way make it rich, in a fashion that requires little to no real work.
            Jersey Shore, a reality t.v. show on MTV hit the airwaves in 2009, and continues to be shown today. The group of eight twenty-somethings instantly hit super stardom, with clothing lines, commercials, and tanning tips.
            These are the people that everyone wants to know about. They are constantly talked about, videotaped, and captured on camera. Teenagers idolize them, but these are people with seemingly no morals. They aren’t attempting to better themselves, or accomplish much of anything. They are simply here to ride out the party, coasting on their fifteen minutes of fame.
            Watching these people’s lives in segments alters reality. They always look perfect, happy, and beautiful. Sitting down and engrossing yourself in thirty minute snippets of other people’s lives is like a little getaway. Reading an article in People about the premier party of a fashion collection or a movie is like being there.
            I believe that these are part of the problem for people’s obsession with fame and fortune. They see achieving money as a direct link to achieving happiness. But as I said, we are seeing very specific sections of these people’s lives. When Lindsay Lohan was carted off to a rehabilitation center, she left the spotlight. There was no documentation on how she spent her days in treatment, there were just news stories about which clubs she started partying at again once she got out.
            The bad times that these people do have are given maybe two minutes, or one paragraph. When you sum something up, it seems neat and clean. It takes away from the real emotions that they do have. We need to take reality television stars off of a pedestal, and remember that they aren’t any better than we are.
            If people would start focusing on their real lives and less about the lives of strangers, I think the wellbeing of humanity would improve. Have a long conversation with a friend, or go for dinner with your parents. Realize that you will never be anything like these people, and be okay with that.

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