Blog Entry #2

By Chris

Blog Entry #2

There are so many things that have shaped pop culture and had an influence on many people’s lifes, things like hip hop music, fashion, and even coffee, these have all changed not only our society but also have had an impact around the world. But I know there is phenomenon that has impacted all of us whether we know it or not, and that is the advances that have been made on recording music digitally.

Music recording goes back too the early 1900’s but it has always been reserved for professional musicians. Recording music has always been very expensive and usually done inside a state of the art recording studio, with ten’s of thousand’s of dollars worth of recording and mastering equipment. But in the last ten years we have seen a major change in how we record and master music and also in the location where we can do these recordings. I would like to take a look at a couple of the changes that have taken place in recording music, such as where recordings can take place, what equipment is and can be used, and how we go about recording and sharing that music.

As I mentioned earlier music recording traditionally has taken place inside a recording studio, or in some cases live recordings where done, but most recordings took place inside the studio. Inside most recording studios there is a control room, isolation booths and also different rooms designed to produce different sounds; rooms that went from completely sound proof all the way to rooms that were very loud with hard wood floors, or any type of hard surface in them in order to allow sound to bounce around. Inside the control room there used to be a very large sound system with a large control board and many different types of effects and amplifiers, in order to produce as many different sounds as an artist or a producer wanted to have. These control boards where usually about seven feet long with hundreds of knobs and buttons on them, they also would have a room with what was know as the tape room, this room had the actual machine in it that you would put the final recording on it, and it looked like a very large tape recorder.

This has know all changed since the creation of digital recording, very rarely will you find a large control room with a seven foot control board in it, in fact these control boards are now illegal to use in England, because they are very inefficient and there parts are not very good for the environment. Along with the control boards being gone all of the amps and effect processors are also not needed, all of these things have now been replaced with digital programs that sound almost as good as there analog partners, in fact very few people can actually tell the difference any more. We know have the capability to sit in a small room with nothing more then a computer and as many digital programs as you want, in order to produce the sound that the artist wants. Along with the transition to using a computer we have the capability of recording where ever a person wants, whether it be in their bedroom, basement, or even in a local club, a person can record virtually any where they want.

These changes have all had a large impact on the music industry; an artist can now buy all the recording equipment they need to record at home. This allows an artist or even anybody who enjoys music and want to do some recording the opportunity to record at there own pace and in the comfort of there own home, which means that any aspiring musician can record their music and distribute it on their own with out the need of a major record label.

This all leads me to sharing and distributing music; which has really changed the face of the music industry. After a person records their music and masters it they can then put it up on line through sites like iToons; anyone can put music up on iToons, all you have to do is pay a small fee and your music can instantly go out to millions of people all over the world. Gone are the days of running down to the record store to pick up your favorite bands new album, they along with everyone else put their music on line and sell it that way, in fact it has become hard to go out and buy a CD if you really want a hard copy. This has been a good and a bad thing, financially it saves record labels lots of money when it comes to distributing millions of CD’s, but it also means that there is less of a need for recording studios, not to say they are all shutting down, which some have, but what is the point of paying out thousands of dollars for studio time when you can do something almost as good at home.

As I mentioned earlier I know there are many things that have changed and shaped pop culture but I don’t think that there is anything that has had a larger impact on all of us, we all listen to music and we all like music, and know we all go online to buy music and with out the advancements of digital recording we would still be going down to the local record store to buy our music, and when it comes to recording music, artist would still be stuck paying out a lot of money to recording studios in order to have people hear their music.


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