Author: Blair

Video Games

     I find the evolution ofvideo games and how they affect us culturally extremely fascinating. I also am interested in finding out the mental and physical affect the games have on our youth as well as adults. Video games have come a long way over the past 40 years.  The first game that I was introduced to was Pong (I guess that shows my age). Pong is a simple game, where you bounce aball from one side of the screen to the other. If someone in this day and age were to play this game, I believe they would say it was very boring and mundane; however, when this game was first introduced to the public back in 1972, it took off like crazy. If video games had not evolved over time and were introduced back in the seventies, to what they have become today, I think that society would not have embraced them. I think that we would not have been ready for such technology and graphic content. Even though video game technology seemed to move rapidly, it still took time to embrace the changes and accept them into our culture.

What is also fascinating to me is how children / young adults today can pick up on the technology so fast. It seems to me that it is second nature for them, whereas older adults seem to have a harder time taking it all in and be able to run with it. Perhaps this is
because most of us that were born in the sixties and early seventies were not exposed too much technology except music and television. For entertainment we played board games or played outside. It seems to me, family time (although some games are family oriented) has suffered with all the time that is lost by these games.

As I mentioned above, I am interested in the mental and physical affects video games have on people. I did some research and found a professor who is one of the leading experts on the effects of violent video games. His name is Craig A. Anderson. He has a PhD in psychology and has worked for numerous universities. Although he admits that more
studies are needed, there is evidence that violent video games do have an effect on people. What I found interesting was, college students, after playing even Cartoonish and fantasy violence video games showed increases in aggression.

The topic of video games and how they have affected us is very broad and I think it would be a great topic for discussion in class.

If you are interested in more of the myths and facts that Craig A. Anderson has studied, you can find themat this web site.

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