Fashion Phenomenon

By: Jordan

I have always been interested in fashion since I can remember.  It all started for me when I was about eight years old with Air Jordan shoes which was Michael Jordan’s line of basketball shoes.  Michael Jordan was the person I looked up to my whole childhood because my dream was to one day be in the NBA.  I was believed if I wore the same shoes as him that it would somehow make me a better basketball player, so I would begged my mom to buy me a pair whenever they came out.  However, I have now learned through taking this class that I had this idea because of advertisements and commercials trying to sell this product.

Today fashion is a phenomenon in popular culture from magazine, blogs and web sites, and TV shows dedicated solely to fashion and what is the upcoming trend.  Magazines such as GQ, which is a men’s fashion magazine, that comes out with a new issue every month and with it a different style that is now popular.  And TV shows such as Project Runway, which is a reality show that tries to find the next big clothing designer.  We also see advertisements for fashion just walking around in our day-to-day life when we pass malls and small shops with manikins in the windows dressed in the newest fashion. This plays a very big part in how we dress even if we don’t do it on purpose we all eventually dress like what is the current clothing fad of that specific time.  For example bell-bottom jeans were once what everyone wore now the new style is the skinny jeans, which now everyone owns.  We have very little control over what becomes popular in fashion because big designers create a style of clothing in their stores, which is later copied by other smaller more affordable clothing companies.  This makes it so that eventually every store has the same particular style and therefore creates a popular fashion that everyone wears.

Fashion changes so quickly that blogs and web sites are updated daily to let you know what new clothing line or style that is next to come out.  With so much media surrounded by fashion it is hard to keep up with the current style and what is currently “in” at that time.  That is why there are so many advertisements for clothing everywhere because people that are not interested in the fashion can still be reached companies through images of clothing without having to search for it themselves.  Many people believe that advertising of clothing does not affect the way they dress but in fact it plays a major roll.  Usually what companies advertise as the new style eventually catches on and does so everywhere.

Fashion has and always will be a very big part of popular culture.  There has always been advertisements for clothing from Levi’s and Dickies ads in the 1950’s, to Gap and Old Navy ads we have now, there is no slowing down the fashion phenomenon.  If anything it has gotten bigger with the Internet and magazines that have come out in the past twenty years.    

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