Social Networks

By: Gladys

Social networking has become a phenomenon in today’s popular culture. Just about everyone today is part of a social networking site such as twitter or Facebook. Social networking sites are used to share ideas and stay connected with others who as well are members of these sites. A social network is defined as an online community of people with a common interest who use a Web site or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information, resources. Usually known as an online service that facilitates communication with others.

The phenomenon of social networking is only expanding more and more as time goes by. Popular culture can be identified as something happening in the “mass media” and social networking can be classified as taking over the media. Everything in the media correlates with a social networking site. Social networks are evolving quickly not only are they used to communicate with friends, now in days just about any TV show, celebrity, and company has a social network such as  Facebook or Twitter. Social networking sites are used to have instant communication with others, in a matter of seconds you can post something and have it reach a numerous amount of people. It is fast and somewhat reliably accessible, smartphones have apps that can connect us almost immediately. We don’t have to be near a computer to check what’s going on; with the connivance of our cell phones we can now find out wherever we are.

I believe it is important to discuss social networking because of its fast expansion and how quick and simple it is to use these sites as a form of communication. In a few seconds we can communicate with hundreds of people, and with people around the world. Most people are very familiar with social networking sites and use these websites as a main form of communication. It is much more simple to post something on your profile and have everyone read it, then having to send the same text or make phone calls to tell each person the same thing.  However even though these websites were started off to be a way we can communicate with multiple people at a time, and even with people around the world, it has now expanded to a resource companies use to advertise events or products.  Now businesses see social networking as a main source to help their business gain contacts and clients, with one post they can reach millions of people worldwide.

The evolution of these social networks bring many questions to my mind; how long is it going to last until the next new thing comes up? Will we have to stay updated with these social networks to stay updated with what is going around us? Can the use of Facebook as a form to stay connected with others really benefit us or is it harming us?  I’m sure I’m not the only one with these questions in the back of my head. So why not take the time to study something we all use and that has come remarkably important in our lives?  Social networks are not going to leave us anytime soon, maybe we will get tired of Facebook like we once did of Myspace but another social network will come up and be the new best thing. It is crucially important that we know about social networks and how they can affect us. It’s better to be fully aware of the use of these websites, and know how to use them to our benefit, than having something that once started as a new way to communicate with others, one day have a horrible unpleasant impact on our lives.

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