Technology Apocalypse

By: Olivia

Today, almost every form of communication we have is digital. Often when I leave my cell phone somewhere or the battery dies, I feel like I have lost connection with the rest of the world. How will I know what’s going on outside of my room? How will I know if that cute guy from political science texted me, asking if I wanted to go get some coffee? And then, I stop and think about it, how ridiculous it is that I feel solely connected to the rest of the world through my phone. That’s why I believe we should discuss life without technology. Not all technology, but mass culture technology, what would it be like without a computer, or Internet? How would we communicate as fast as we do now?

I think this would be an interesting topic, because being separated from my phone for even a day seems way too long. I feel like I’m so out of touch with the rest of the world, when in reality, when I get my phone back, I really haven’t missed out on anything. There are so many people out there that are socially connected through all forms of media, their day to day lives are corresponded through their social networks, I can’t imagine the freak-out if one day all mass technology were to just vanish into thin air.

Obviously it wouldn’t be surprising, that many people wouldn’t really know what to do with themselves or exactly how to go about doing some things, I know many businesses would be completely screwed, often their calendars and client information are now only stored as digital copies. Not only businesses but airlines, their systems are now run completely digital, including flight bookings and air traffic. Then there is the disappearance of the Internet without the Internet many, many things would change. Research wouldn’t be nearly as fast, Skyping would be non-existent, we’d actually have to get up and make the time to go and personally ask someone a question instead of through e-mail. But what if that question was, where are you? And if you couldn’t send that question to that person, but have to go locate that person to ask them that question, but the question just happened to be “where are you” then you wouldn’t be able to even ask them that question in the first place! I dare say I believe the freak out of mass technology would be something even worse than the Zombie Apocalypse!

So a little bit of an exaggeration, but really is it? We have grown up with technology, but technology has developed as we have, and yet we feel so attached to our digital devices. I am curious, how would things change without mass technology? How would we change? How would our social communications change, social norms? What would be popular culture then?

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