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Trevor Seal
Pop Culture Unst. 254

This week I have been reading about mass media and its impacts on everyday contemporary society. While reading through the material given to me by my pop culture professor thoughts of my own media consumption and how that consumption shapes my everyday routine, began to ensue.
First I took into account how much media consumption that I am responsible for on average on a daily basis. Without going into too much detail the, and while being completely honest with myself the results were astounding. Media is everywhere in my life whether I am aware of it or not. From the music that I listen to on my way to and from work, to the movies and television that I watch whenever my schedule permits. All that, however should be in the realm of the obvious to all who choose to read this. What may not be obvious and what has been made clear through the readings for this week is that, media is not limited to its traditional representations.
Media can be anything from the traditional: Internet, TV, and printed sources to everyday conversation and subsequent body language produced and absorbed by everyone on an everyday basis. In essence, media is anything up to, and including any extension born of man that conveys information.
Many of us are so enraptured by everyday forms of media that it has simultaneously been taken for granted and elevated almost to the status of a religion. In conjunction with the reading and with my subsequent opinions formed thereafter I was reminded of a piece media that may help to substantiate my assertions in the form of a music video by the industrial rock artist Marilyn Manson, entitled “Personal Jesus”


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