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Kaitlin Nugent

I would really like to discuss the power that fashion and style has in this world. It seems as though people with “good” style go further in life. I am also interested in fashion trends such as the whole feather fad that is currently happening. How it becomes such a large and popular fad literally out of nowhere. It is interesting how styles from the older days such as the 70’s and 80’s are now making their way back into the fashion industry. It makes me wonder what will this decade be known for 40 years from now if we are stealing styles from other decades. Women fashion is much more elaborate than men’s fashion and has many more components. I am also curious about how celebrity’s style has an impact on the rest of the nation. I do not understand the point of outrageous styles from people such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. What are they trying to prove or not prove with their ridiculous outfits? I have noticed that the oversized look has been trendy now days with the oversized shirt, oversized dress, purse, etc. Back in the 90’s I believe it was trendy to wear tighter clothes while now people tend to be wearing more loose fitting clothes.

Celebrities have a strong impact on how new trends start. Stylist that hope to make a new look popular will dress there celebrity clients in those outfits to reach other people and then this look in time makes it away world-wide. In reality because celebrities have stylist they really are not the trendsetters that they appear to be. There stylist are actually the trendsetters and there celebrity clients could actually not have good style at all. Most fashion trends actually start on the runway and then are observed by various stylist, designers, and celebrities that pick up on the trend and then portray it themselves. Lady Gaga actually has an enormous impact on the fashion world especially with celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj. Lady Gaga’s fashion is extravagant and different she stands for something else besides just looking good. She wants to stand out and send a message to people that it’s okay to be different. She doesn’t wear clothes that make her look vulgar but rather clothes that make you scratch your head and say why is she wearing meat or bubble wrap.

Fashion not only affects the way others think about us but also how we think of ourselves. It is a bitter-sweet situation, in that it is extremely beneficial to be stylish in this world however, once you become stylish and are in with the latest fad you become just like everyone else in society. Fashion dramatically allows us to claim who we are without having to say a word. What you wear speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. It separates social classes where the Goths wear similar clothes and the nerds wear similar clothes, and so forth. The clothes you wear define what sort of respect people give you. If you wear a tiny mini skirt that shows way too much skin people will deem you a slut, however if you throw a pair of leggings under that mini skirt people will have more respect for you because you are showing less skin. The clothes you wear determine how people will treat you.

Society is becoming somewhat of a fashion crazed society because it appears that it is a positive thing to pursue a career in modeling, fashion designing, and styling. Fashion designing is a very cut throat world which will take you far if your good however, this world could live without models. Modeling does not take academic education to be successful, anyone can be a model but I believe shows like Americas Next Top Model have put the modeling industry on another pedestal. This fashion crazed society has put models and fashion designers above other careers because they are initially the ones who start trends and fads. Modeling is a glamorous career that just contributes negatively to the self esteem issues in today’s society. Many issues involving confidence are at the root of fashion and body image. In Portland hipsters are very popular this makes it ironic that they are trying to be different and not follow the norm but there are so many hipsters in Portland that they are actually not doing what they set out to do. Hipsters are people that do whatever is opposite of what is considered mainstream they consider themselves cool for not conforming to society. Fashion whether we like it or not is a big part of society and explains a lot about the person that we are.


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