By: Mark Dwyer


“Hipster” is a fairly broad term, but it can be somewhat summarized. Hipsters are generally 18 to 29 year-olds who attempt to to be different from what is considered “normal” by dressing and living in obscure or ironic ways. Many choose to be liberal politically, but green, independent, and anarchist are often associated with hipsters. There are many things hipsters do to be different and express themselves.

Hipster fashion is typically influenced by irony. More extreme hipsters wear clothes that don’t fit or or are obviously hideous in order to stand out. Accessories like fanny packs and lensless glasses are sometimes worn because they are considered nerdy. For many hipsters, fashion is about doing the opposite of what is cool.

Hipster fashion is also influenced by their life style. Music is a big part of the hipster culture, as are bicycles. This prompts the wearing of band t-shirts and skinny jeans. Bicycles prompted skinny jeans because baggy jeans can get caught in the chain, this eventually became part of the hipster fashion.

There is no specific hipster music, but it is usually underground music (music that is not on the radio). Some of the more popular hipster music genres include indie rock, punk, metal, and more recently, dub-step (a type of techno). However, most people who listen to these types of music would deny that they are hipsters.

Hipsters don’t like to be called hipsters. Perhaps no one likes to be put into a group. I have know many hipsters and even consider myself a hipster because, I know if I saw myself walking down the street I would say that I am one. However, hipster has become a term that no one wants to be associated with. “Hipster” is an insult, thought it shouldn’t be. No matter what you do with your life, people will always have something negative to say about you. Hipster has become a a negative term, but as with any culture, or sub culture, a person decides to associate with, it will bring criticism from another culture. It seems that people are afraid of what is different.  Hipsters call people who shop at Abercrombie and Fitch douche bags, but people who shop at Abercrombie call hipsters douche bags.

The entire idea of hipster is relative to the person whom says someone else is a hipster. It is a term very few people would like to be associated with. What makes it interesting is that no matter how you dress, or act, or what music you listen to, there is a person who will not like you based on your life style. There is no ultimate normal, so people should follow what makes them happy.

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