There is no such thing as a free sprirt

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  1. psupopf says:

    Nick Bolton
    Pop Culture

    Hipster, a term used to group folks together who’s values center from individuality and the anti-cool, is one of the most ironic “sub-cultures” of the American popular culture. A hipster is a person who generally does not conform to the mainstream in an effort to stand out, often times due to a rejection by “cool” peer groups. The hipster culture empowers the outsider, who highlight their imperfections and non-sought after traits by re-packaging them into a statement against the masses. Hipsters have an axe to grind with society and lash out against norms. Hipster values include things counter mainstream and anti-capitalist/government. It is a common set of values and a passionate distain for popular culture that link urban rejects into the sub-culture known as hipsterism. While seeking freedom from the binds of society the hipster rejects wealth, right wing politics, and materialism. Many hipsters resent their privileged upbringings and move to inner cities to live a minimalist life. A life where solace is not found in traditional entertainment as most hipsters are too witty for shallow media and seek-out indie or underground mediums. The goal of hipster fashion is to stand out in a crowd of homogenous Barbies and Kens, thus they have adopted strange garb and poor hygiene. This derelict style co-insides with hipster ideals of inner beauty, as mainstream ideals of outer beauty are rejected with-in the community. The most common hipster attire is practical yet distinctly hipster through association. Second hand, ripped and dirty: flannel shirts, tight jeans, vest, short shorts,dark rimmed glasses and vans have come to known as the hipster look. This look developed in a series of associations as hipsters tend to be informed smug consumers looking to rub society the wrong way, while allowing their social conscience to lead them to non sweatshop/domestic products. While anti-consumerism,hipsters still have to buy things and are deeply linked to coffee, cigarettes and cheep American beer.

    Radically liberal or anti-goverment, hipsters see themselves without a voice in politics and start up their own social causes on a community level. One will be hard-pressed to find a hipster that refers to themselves as a hipster, for the term is negatively charged with-in the community. Using the term hipster to group non-conformists together as a sub-culture contradicts the non-conformist basis of hipster-dom. Through mainstream adoption of hipster as a sub group the persons attempts to stand out are undermined as they are thrown into crowd of “hipsters”.

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