“That’s Not Cool…”

That’s Not Cool..

By Kaylalynn Egan:

Can anyone truly define the word hipster, also known as “scenesters.” The subculture of young teen, young adult, and middle class adults that tend to have a great interest in mainly alternative and independent rock music that appeared in the 90’s, are typically the basis of this culture. Many other interests that these individuals have are in independent films, also known as “indie” films, as well as magazines (mostly of the artistic or musical genre) and websites, such as Pitchfork, a website for independent music.

Hipster culture has been derived from many cultures over the last fifty years, many of these styles including, beat, hippie, punk, grunge, pin-up, and greaser. Many people argue though that “hipster” defines a cultural mythology. It is defined in this context as a  “crystallization of a mass-mediated stereotype generated to understand, categorize, and marketize indie consumer culture, rather than an objectified group of people.”

Hipster was first brought up during the 1940’s during the “jazz age.” When the term hip emerged as a way to describe the popularity of certain music in the growing scene. And when “hip” eventually acquired the English suffix “-ster,” hipster then entered the language. Through time the definition of Hipster has flourished into something more, and in different locations, it has a different definition. After asking around I came to the terms that many people here in Portland have this view of Hipsters as being, quoted from a student, “They’re the kids who wear t-shirts with quotes from movies you’ve never heard of, bands that you’ve never seen, and the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer.  Another contradictory nature of the label is the way that anyone labeled as hipster, never considers themselves as a hipster. Many in which, who deny themselves as being a “hipster,” typically, themselves often resemble hipsters. Many in which wear skinny jeans and looked down on mainstream fashions and ‘tourists.’
Hipsters seem to be this culture in which people want to be their own individual, and they typically dislike the “popular” aspect of anything. Yet, I feel as though they are this large group in which is made up of many subcultures, so are they truly an individualized group or are the they “Ultimate” popular group!?


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