What are hipsters?

By Beau:

The first thing I think of when asked what hipsters are, I think mainly about image.  Things that come to mind about the guys are them wearing extremely tight acid wash jeans that are withered or cut a bit high above the knee, crazy cutoff denim jackets or dirty shirts that have some type of animal whimsically looking in the distance, and of course the hipster mustache with some big rimmed glasses topped with a mess of a haircut that truly screams: “who gives a fuck?!”  Women tone it down a bit in the image department; they maintain a stylishly forgotten hair-dyed mystique with a good amount of facial piercings.  As far as clothing goes for the girls, I think of the same off-colored acid wash jeans with an oversized belt and loose flowing shirt with no bra, or maybe fishnet stockings and a short skirt with a ridiculous hat… slightly portraying what the stereotypical 80’s prostitute would look like.  Either way, the hipsters have created a fashion that can’t easily be copied or duplicated but can be purchased for a bare minimum at a clothing exchange store. 

 Image to me is most important for the hipster community here in Portland. I feel like all of them want to be viewed as this counter pop culture that doesn’t care about what the television is telling them to dress and act like.  It’s almost as if they do things that are specifically uncool just because what’s cool isn’t hipster.  Me and my buddy joked around the other day that we were “so hipster” that we don’t even party with other hipsters, we party with the plus 65 crowd at an old diner.  Granted we aren’t really considered hipster, and the only reason we drink at the diner is because it is so cheap, but the joke is whatever is popular can’t be done by a hipster.  I think that technically if you call yourself a hipster, you aren’t a hipster.  I feel like the term hipster is more of a derogatory term derived from people looking from the outside.  My friend Tom is a complete hipster… The other day I asked him what kind of music he’s been listening to?  He said: “mostly 60’s afro-beats…” I don’t even know what 60’s afro-beats are.  Is there some hipster website telling these people random crap to be a part of?  So essentially, I feel the hipster movement is largely attributed to what is popular because they just try and do the exact opposite.

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