Hip Hop’s Evolution

By Dillon

Hip-hop started out in basement parties in apartment buildings in South Bronx, about 30 years ago.  Now hip-hop has become a social cultural and corporate phenomenon. Much of the music was a way to boast about one’s lyrical skills but it is also a way to end arguments between youth through dance and artwork.

In the 1980 hip-hop developed more styles, an example would be “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash” which consisted of sampled tracks.  The drum machines the producers used in the 80’s been Roland 808, and the 808 drums is still used today. The Lyrical content of the 80’s was also more complex. The Grandmaster Flash track “The Message” was the start of conscious hip-hop.

Hip hop’s golden age, is between the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Mc’s spoke about Afro centricity and there was a lot of Jazz instrumentals. The artists of that time were, Gang Starr, Krs one, Rakim, Big L and Nas.


In the 90’s saw a rivalry between the East Coast and the West coast and the gangsta rap era.   As you know the subject matter of Gangsta rap is controversial, they speak about violence, profanity and racism. Dr Dre’s album the Chronic is a great example of gangsta rap.


In 2000’s and 2010’s The technology improved so much from the 70’s. So it’s a lot easier for producers to make high quality beats. In hip hop’s mainstream, the lyrical content has become a lot more materialistic, but the underground is so much better, mc’s like Skyzoo, Reks, Royce da 5’9 and many other artists.



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