Hip Hop

The evolution of hop hop has been a long journey of resistance and incorporation. It has been poetic. Highs and lows. Effecting so many different level of society over time. The outspoken reflection of ghettos and urban life positive and negative has been exploited by the individuals acting and corporations. The phrase hip hop has changed over the years. Originally it mean recognition, community, and creativity. It was expressed in “the elements of hip hop” or categories. (Graffiti, dance, music,..etc..). Each of these avenues of what was originally hip hop has transformed into something different.  Hip hop can also be viewed as dangerous, or at least it is usually portrayed as that. Naturally urban dwellers would listen to the music coming out of their own community. People are usually scared of what they dont know of. People outside of those communities of hip hop used it as a fear tactic to warn others. So it has a dangerous, negative, delinquent, poor, connotation. Now Hip Hop and Rap has changed into a money driven, crime, and female dehumanizing genre. People who listen to hip hop may not know first hand the actual content the rapper is talking about. It is interesting to see people who try to incorporate the urban lifestyle in a non urban environment in where they live. Some individuals that dress “hip hop” like can be viewed differently, because of the connotations of associated with the genre.


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