Hip Hop Pop Culture

By. Ramla Mohamed

Hip Hop

Hip hop has been in contemporary music for a while now but early hip hop evolution didn’t start until the start of the 1970’s. The history of Hip Hop can be tracked back to Africa. Early hip hop arise from primitive African music primarily consisting of spoken words.  African American culture and Jazz music significantly influence hip hop music. Hip-hop has grown and revolutionized in ways people will never have imagined back in the day.  We have watched it rise from block parties in New York City to billion dollar marketing industry today. Corporate media plays a significant role in the aspect of resistance and corporation in Hip Hop culture.

Many people today think that we have range of options to choose from when it comes to what we want for ourselves.  The kinds of songs or movies in the hip hop culture the media plays the kinds of arts we see, etc. We don’t know that everything in Hip Hop culture is carefully arrayed for us by the corporal media. From movies, videogames to clothing, shoes, etc., hip-hop today is capitalized to us from power holders that want to gain money.

The people that observe hip hop see the negative aspects of violence, materialism, gangs, misogyny, and drug and alcohol abuse.  That is how hegemony works by showing these stereotypes because it has economic influence over the people.  When it comes to gendered ideologies, the hip-hop culture has clear outline for females and males.  The male gender ideology is about materialism and money, being dangerous, having tattoos, abusing drugs and alcohol. That is not the case for women; Hip-hop culture is stereotyped to be misogynist.  Women are sexual objects and oppressed, but female rappers have risen to help change those gendered ideologies today. They speak of female empowerment in hopes of reconstructing the negative gendered ideologies of females in hip hop culture.

The earliest forms of graffiti date all the way back to 30,000 BC in cave paintings.  Today modern graffiti has intertwined with hip hop culture. We can see graffiti in art, clothing, subways, cars, and buildings. From the popularity of street art comes a way for companies to market and commercialize. By objectifying hip hop influenced graffiti, companies can mass produce merchandises. We can see the process of resistance and incorporation play with graffiti art as well.  Graffiti is an art form frowned upon and it demonstrates acts of civil disobedience. Graffiti is used as a way for political activists to makes statements. Social movement uses this form of art to printed materials and signs to convey their message. It’s a form of resistance because these messages show peoples disagreement with power holders.

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