There’s More To It

By Teresa

If we think about it, graffiti has been with us since ancient times dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. They drew images and created marking on walls of ancient buildings. More recently around the 70s, with in hip hop culture, graffiti has been a sign of rebellion in which it was unlawful to vandalize public property. Now in modern times graffiti had been incorporated into popular culture in which we now see it as a form or art considered to be aesthetically pleasing. Many express themselves through this method, but of course there are those who are just trying to go with the flow. It all really depends of how we define art but what I mean by that is that some call it graffiti when a sharpie is used to draw in the bathroom stalls

while other call it graffiti when time, thought and creativity is put into it to create something meaningful. Sometimes I think many of us take it for granted. We either criticize it because of the form its carried or we overlook it without another thought. Just because something isn’t put into a frame doesn’t make it any less. With that said many places are incorporating graffiti to their businesses and are even becoming business in themselves. It’s amazing how it went from being frowned upon to a new from of art that many appreciates.

^Click on the image above to be redirected to even more amazing graffiti pieces.


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