I hate Zombies

By: Zac H.

I hate zombies. Like a lot. This might actually make it easier for me to dissect what it is about them that scares me. I think it’s the human aspect. Vampires don’t scare me because they still have some form of emotion. Mummies don’t either because they aren’t identifiable. Werewolves are like vampires. But zombies. They could be a loved one. That’s the thing that scares me the most. I could have been someone who they cared for, or I cared for them and now they have been stripped of their emotions and their societal norms and with that they will try to kill me. They try to KILL ME. In self-preservation would I be able to act out on that? It would be hard, but as long as they didn’t get too near me, and I really tried not to think about it, I could. Nonetheless that would take time, and you don’t have a bunch of time to rationalize shooting someone, or in this case what should be considered something.

Also along these lines, I always want to think I’d be able to survive the apocalypse. I don’t believe in it anyways, or at least the supposed times that it will happen. However, if the moment really came, I always want to believe that by living in the Northwest we should be exempt from all of the bad that may come in this situation. We are usually good people and because of this, I always feel that the higher power associated with the apocalypse would save our doomed souls from certain this untimely (bodily) demise.

Maybe the thought is immature, maybe the thought has something behind it, but either way what’s presented obviously preys on human nature. It complicates our thoughts of what will really happen in these situations. Some versions of the apocalypse will allow us to live while other examples kill off all of humanity. We just have to believe that we will have the technology to outlive these possible conditions and that is where the preying comes back into play. We have to be prepared at all times because of this common thought, presented to us at one point in time

I feel like this could really have a good amount to do with resistance and incorporation, at least in a vague sense. It preys on our fears, most of them with roots in religion, and exploits them in order to thrill us. Yet some of us, just like myself, choose to stay away from this form of media. Nevertheless there are enough of those who enjoy the exhilaration of both of these genres of movies and then drive producers to follow these campy, in addition to gory, adaptations of real world fears. You would think that something so overdone would really make us tire of these different films. Even though it does hide in standardization, there are enough different ways to change the ultimately combination to make these movies. Contracting a zombie virus has a multitude of possibilities for infection, there are enough different ways for the world to end and enough different changes in the physical setting (Zombies on a Plane! On a Boat! In North Dakota!) to make us think that we are able to re-watch the attack of the zombies or the destruction of iconic monuments and think we are watching a whole different movie. To an extent it’s true, but more often than not ,it isn’t anything different, just 20 plus more people, that we some how get attached to, to die at the hands of zombies or billions of casual fatalities by the hands of Mother Nature.

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