Zombie Apocalypse

By: Erica

One very popular theme in pop culture today is the idea of a zombie apocalypse in which the world nearly ends leaving remaining humans to fight off the zombies that are taking over the earth. There are many examples of this in the media today in films such as “Shaun of the Dead” or “Zombieland” or in the popular television show “The Walking Dead”. Interestingly, in each of these entertainment sources, it is easy to forget about the fact that the subject matter is zombies because the themes present are the same as they are in most entertainment sources. For instance, in “The Walking Dead”, there is a group of survivors in Texas attempting to outrun the zombies and rebuild the world. Among the survivors there are two small families each with issues not unlike those one would see in any other family drama on television.

I find it interesting that even though the subject matter revolves around the blood and gore, coupled with the adventure and chase of the zombie apocalypse the show still manages to connect to the audience by bridging the gap between the two worlds. Similarly, the movie “Shaun of the Dead” is categorized as a comedy with some very popular British actors because even though it is a movie about death and zombies with some very graphic and intense scenes, the screen play is written with comedic intent.

The zombie apocalypse is making its way into mainstream society with more shows about zombies, vampires and werewolves for example on MTV. I even noticed at my work over the summer that we purchased new key chains that said things like “I love Zombies” and “I survived the zombie apocalypse” written on them. I was very surprised to see them and when I asked my boss why we suddenly had them in stock he told me that there was a much higher demand. Apparently people come in to the store on a daily basis asking for zombie-related things. This really made me think about the fact that the zombies are becoming more and more popular recently in popular culture.


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