By: Zack O

I can’t count the number of conversations that have started: “Bro, if there was a zombie apocalypse I would…”, between my friends and I. Which was usually followed by our elaborate plans of survival, preferred weapons, and safe house tactics. But it’s not just us. Our society and more directly Hollywood have been pumping out flicks of the undead and theories behind zombieology for years. Video games like Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead also influence the way we see our ultimate zombie battle-royale scenarios. I think the obsession stems from everyone’s conscious thought of “What if it was real”, and how they would actually go about living.

I’m not exactly sure how zombie-culture has become so relevant in America, but it does make for good storytelling. The new television series on AMC “The Walking Dead” is the latest zombie-saga to captivate me personally. It is a drama, (based on a longer running comic book series), following police officer Rick Grimes in Atlanta after he wakes up from a coma on a hospital bed in a new dangerous world infested with “Walkers”, the phrase coined by the characters to mean zombies. His main goal is to be reunited with his wife and son who fled the city with others to find safety elsewhere.

The show, now almost mid-way through the 2nd season, incorporates the harsh, “do or die” survival mode with conflicting emotions of whether life is worth living in such a threatening world. Without rambling on about how great this show is, may I just recommend that you check it out for yourself.

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