Fad of Zombies

By: Griffus

I have never been into the whole zombie craze that has really evolved the last 10 years. This is mainly because I personally cannot really see them as anything but science fiction. I have seen several zombie movies and many of them carry the same theme, except for origin of the zombies. I don’t know how the zombie has become such a pop culture icon these days because I see nothing appealing about it. Maybe it is because everyone is so fixated on the upcoming date of December 21, 2012. I should not be surprised that zombies have become so popular. The undead have been a fascination with people for a long time. Vampires have always been popular. I think largely because many really wish they could be one. However, vampires are glamorized and romanticized, while zombies are feared and gross.
The creation of zombies that is the most realistic to me comes from the movie “I am Legend”. These zombies were created by a medical mishap involving a cure for cancer. The “cure” ends up being what later causes the zombie outbreak. These zombies are also much different from ones we have seen in many movies because there is at least one zombie that thinks and plots. He torments Will Smith towards the end of the movie. The zombie moves the mannequins that Smith has appropriated as a humanity or culture so he does not feel so alone or go crazy.
Personally I do not see a zombie apocalypse in our future. The closest thing I can think of that would make someone act like a zombie is mad cow disease. The zombie fad has grown at an alarming rate. I remember when they mostly existed in cheesy horror films. Thanks to Resident Evil and Zombieland , I know see them everywhere. Even guides on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Who knows if the fad will die out, or evolve even more. I do know that if the zombies do come, I will be heading to Costco to lock myself in.

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