I have been trying to figure out all term what the fascination is with zombies, and why everyone love talking about them, and I never really say the connection between pop culture and zombies. So as I began to research this topic I was trying to find my own connection to how zombies have had an influence on my life and on my culture, and finally it came to me. I remembered a gift that I received from my parents on my fifth birthday; in fact this gift has had such an influence on me that I still have it to this day. In 1982 one of the greatest albums ever recorded was released in November of that year, and I still remember receiving it, and that was the record of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I still remember opening up the record and putting it on the record player and hearing the sound of the old door squeaking and the foot steps as they walked across the floor, that album was amazing to me and totally changed the way I thought and looked at zombies. I also remember the music video, and how it made me feel, it was amazing to see the makeup and the dance moves, I can honestly say that those zombies changed my life. I also remember a few years ago there after the death of Michel Jackson there was group of inmates, I believe they where out of the Philippines that did a tribute to Thriller and choreographed the dance and performed it, it was an instant hit on you tube. I think it really showed how the zombies in thriller where more then just characters in a music video they truly became pop culture icons, and they didn’t only have a effect on the culture in the US, they had a world wide effect on cultures everywhere. To this day I still think that Thriller is one of the greatest albums ever recorded, and as it turns out the zombies have had an effect on me and I am sure there are many other people in this would who can contribute their connection to zombies back to the song Thriller also.


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