By: Isaac

In current day society the zombie is a reoccurring symbol and topic in pop culture. The zombie theme has led to more slasher oriented horror genre as well as replacing the aspect of suspense with more action and gore. Seeming to originate in the 1970s with George Romero films the idea of the undead has been redone in numerous films but still remains massively popular today.

Since the beginning of time we as a society have been obsessed with acts of witchcraft. It was seen as a threat to Christianity as we knew it. Those believed to be associated with it were prosecuted and most often executed. Now this mass hysteria obviously has been toned down but remains a fixture of popular culture.

Zombies are often associated with the apocalypse which is already a popular topic in itself. They seem to be correlated often because people seem to generally fear the worst in the case of the apocalypse. As an industrialized nation that heavily relies on technology  like many other developed countries in the event of an apocalypse we seem to fear desolate and unforgiving environment. Due to the fact that the average citizen is not as knowledgable on sustaining resources we may feel we are not well equipped for such a disaster. That coupled with the paranoia of survival creates this any man for himself mentality.

Not to mention zombies seem to be an appropriate villain for various features and characteristics; their slow, hideous, dumb, and without conscious or ethics. They are a symbol to many people as their worst nightmare. People seem to envision zombies in the future when all order is lost. Much like the fear of aliens, it’s a concern for things that are not human. Zombies are an innocent enough enemy in that they don’t resemble any gender or race, so they can be the subjects of this heightened level of gore and mutilation.

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