Zombies as a Metaphor

By Beau:

It seems like in every zombie apocalypse the zombies are the represented as the mob.  The majority of the human race has been contaminated and there are only a select few heroic and interesting people left to live.  Unfortunately, those who don’t fit these criteria are doomed to become tore apart by the masses or become one themselves.   It seems there is an underlying message in this mob absorbing all those who oppose.

Zombies can be looked at through a few lenses: they could be our race doomed by overconsumption of resources, they could be mindless consumers of good just meandering through life unmotivated or they could illustrations of what the majority of the human population is today going through routine every single day.  I’m not supposing there is a specific idea in mind, but maybe a general theme to zombies.  The movie Shaun of the Dead illustrates this perfectly in its opening scene and hints at it later on in the film.  All of the zombies you see later in the movie are illustrated either in grocery stores, the bus or at work.  These people are very stoic looking, pale faced and have lifeless gestures on their faces going through the motions.  Its only until they have blood on their faces and eyes colored oddly do you realized they are the “typical” zombie.  It is a good example that some people are just part of the mob going through the motions consuming products and just dealing with what life throws their way.  I feel like if you were to ask the student body if they would survive the apocalypse and fight off the zombies the majority of them would say they would survive.  This just goes to show that we may be part of the mob mindlessly going through this life consuming to survive.

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