Zombies, Zombies, Zombies.

By: Milo Serp

Zombies are integrated greatly into American culture.  They are the flesh-eating scoundrels that we all know and love.  Michael Jackson used them as dancers in his video for “Thriller” and they have been used in combination with the apocalypse in many horror movies such as “28 Days Later”.  Why do we have such a fascination with zombies?  Beats me.

The fact that zombies are undead humans chasing humans makes them scarier to us.  When we have to deal with a human that is chasing us and was once dead, it makes us uneasy.  Zombies are a metaphor for the end of humanity and so zombies are closely connected to apocalyptic representations. The apocalypse is really just a metaphor for the end of the world and so is the future.  Some zombies have viruses that make them fast; some zombies are slow and dumb.  They are all the same in the sense that what is inside that thing that was once human is not that person anymore.

I personally like the band “The Zombies” but they don’t have anything to do with zombies and they never sing about zombies.

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