“59 50” sticker or no sticker

By: Reny



As previously discussed, popular culture is everything and everyone is part of it in some way or the other. There are new trends getting started everyday and old trends making a comeback every other day. The one phenomenon that I can not seem to fully understand is the one of the fifty-nine fifty (59-fifty) fitted hat. Hats in general have always been a part of fashion, a part of culture, and will always be. They make or break an outfit sometimes, and are best recognized by the sticker. The 59-fifty can be connected with everything in popular culture, like music, sports, and fashion. They are one of the top of hats and headwear that have made a substantial impact in the world of fashion and design today.

The 59-fifty hat is product of the New Era Cap Company Inc. New Era Cap Company Inc, the largest and fastest growing headwear manufacturer in the United States, has an 88-year-old tradition of creating quality products that transcend time, culture, sport and fashion. Although New Era is rooted in sports heritage as the official on-field cap of Major League Baseball, they have evolved into a brand that can be seen on the runways of Paris during Fashion Week and in hundreds of music videos on MTV. New Era is seen as an iconic brand that celebrities, entertainers, musicians and athletes are seen wearing today. And because there are so many celebrities, entertainer, musicians, and athletes who are seen wearing these iconic caps, is why we see day to day people pushing the trend. These products have been a canvas for consumers to showcase their individuality and personal style for many years. There are billions of headwear styles, but New Era is best known for being the official on-field cap for the Major League Baseball as well as creating the iconic 59-fifty fitted cap.


The 59-fifty New Era fitted cap is the original flat brimmed with the sticker on it. Part of what makes the 59-fifty fitted cap stand out is the sticker that most people decide to leave on.

The sticker in itself is iconic and a part of the popular culture in itself. There are many people who think that leaving the sticker on is stupid and that the person who does that looks like a dumbass. Other think that leaving the sticker on is a must, because leaving the sticker on is to be cool. Another reason to leave the sticker on is to let people know that it’s an authentic New Era. And also to show that it’s fresh and new. On the other hand there are some who call the trend tacky and that the sticker lacks originality and purpose. Like any trend in popular culture, it’s in one day and out the other. It’s a fashion statement now, but it’s going away because it has no real meaning. Who really cares about what your head size is. I’ll be honest, I’ve owned one before (many years ago) and left the sticker on it because I that it was cool, seems that the trend is still going and holding strong. No one cares about the person head size, but what if people leave the sticker on not just because it’s cool but maybe to show financial stability.


Maybe there is a deeper meaning to why guys leave the sticker on the hat. It could be that the freshness of the sticker on a man’s hat is intended to directly reflect a man’s financial security. The freshness of a sticker on a hat has a short shelf life. If a man is consistently seen among his peers with a fresh sticker on his hat, the man is assumed to be financially secure, as he can obviously afford to buy many many hats. This elevates a man’s status among his peers. In the end there are many reasons to why leave the sticker on or take it off. But one thing is for sure, the 59-fifty fitted hat is here to stay for now. People can make their own, there are comic, sports, school, you name it and there is a 59-fifty fitted cap made for the event with the official sticker.


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