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Coffee Culture

     In the Pacific Northwest coffee culture is associated with Starbucks who has turned their company into a global success story. Thanks to the marketing genius of Howard Schultz .The residents in the Pacific Northwest have greatly benefited from the effects of caffeine in the coffee bean as it does replicate serotonin in the brain normally associated with a bright sunny day.

     Humans were not the first species to recognize the   the energizing effects from coffee beans, but it was birds that were first observed by a sheepherder who recognized the increased vitality in the birds after consuming the red berries of a certain plant. He too became energized after consuming the red berries from this plant and brought these berries to a nearby monastery. In the 13th century it was the Ethiopians who introduced coffee throughout the Middle East and onto northern Africa. The word coffee comes from the Dutch word of koffie or from the Ethiopian word of Bunna where the coffee plant first originated from.

      The first exports of coffee beans were from Ethiopia to Yemeni, it was in Yemeni where the first coffee beans were cultivated. It is also believed that the first coffee house opened in Istanbul in the mid-1500s. Prior to that in 1511 coffee was forbidden by the Imams in the order of the Ottoman’s  because of its stimulating effects, but by 1524 the ban was overturned due to the fact that coffee became such a popular beverage of the time. Cairo also so instituted a similar ban in 1532, both coffee houses along with warehouses that contained coffee beans were sacked, the Ethiopian Orthodoxy church softened their attitudes towards coffee drinking in the second half of the 19th century, between 1880 and 1886 it’s consumption spread rapidly through the region.

     It was the Ottoman Empire that imported coffee to Italy, but it was Venetian merchants who introduced coffee to the wealthy to ensure that they would get the high prices for their drink. In the 1600s Pope Clement the eighth announced coffee was an acceptable drink for Catholics and withdrew its ban, and in 1645 the first European coffeehouse opened in Venice. The 1600s brought about new trade routes for the coffee beans throughout Europe and onto the Americas mostly by the British East India Company, along with the Dutch East India Company. In the early 1700s 20,000 coffee trees were brought to Haiti, Mexico, and into other Caribbean islands. Coffee trees have also been relocated into Brazil, and Peru where we now have very large plantations of coffee growers. Many different coffee companies now exist, ranging from commercial labels to domestic labels sold in wholesale houses or grocery stores. Coffee is now increasing in popularity throughout China and other Asian countries replacing tea.



 coffee has not only had  apart in popular culture, but that as a financial commodity that has been traded on the global trade routes a trend that has not stopped for as today it is listed on the New York Board of trade in coffee futures. For this particular part of our culture has spawned the network of 25 million small producers with more than 5 million individuals who cultivate and harvest more than 3 billion coffee bean plants. At the moment Brazil is the largest producer of coffee, but throughout history people around the world have planted coffee bean plants including Norway and the Netherlands where some of the plants are located in green houses.

     Coffee has always been the drink of choice within popular culture from one century to another. It has yet to be defeated anywhere where it has been introduced, this can be contributed to the fact that it is used around social gatherings, along with the stimulating effects that it has on us, and the fact that the withdraw from the caffeine within the coffee bean plants is unpleasant. Coffee culture is firmly cemented as popular culture from the pass to the present day, and is on its way to the future of never being out of date with humans. As the commodity of coffee beans are introduced to new lands, many businesses spring up around the use or trade of coffee.

     Coffee has also been popularized in TV shows such as Friends who sell their own coffee mugs along with T-shirts. MSNBC network has done specials on Starbucks, baristas coffee company: The coffee addiction, and morning Joe.




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