Apple Inc and Popular Culture

By: Alysa Yamada

Apple Inc products take part in a significant role in popular culture because it is one of the top ideal brands and icons for consumerism. Apple Inc is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. This corporation was one of the main proponents for the technological movement of computer usage to the public. Before Apple Inc, computers did not come with a mouse and was only accessible through codes and the keyboard. Apple created the first personal computer and was a major influence and hit through the success of all of its products. With this, Apple Inc is now the largest publicly traded company in the world.

Apple Inc products are well integrated into popular culture. Many students, children, teens, and young adults are engaged in having the latest product off the market. Since the Macbook is the stylish and “new” look of laptops, it promotes a professional, stylish and sharp ideal image towards society. Students may feel as if having a Macbook will enhance their image/status, and that they will become more accepted towards their peers. This works well for consumerism and marketing purposes because teenagers and young adults are always obsessed about their image and wanting to fit in with their peers. If Apple Inc links their products to such an ideal image, their products will definitely sell.
This ideal proves true due to the massive success of this company. Not only are Apple Inc products convenient, stylish, and smart, but owning them seems to help accessorize people as well – and people want that. Many modern films display and feature iPhones, Macbooks, and the iTouch. This helps promote the idea that having these products makes an individual successful, classy, and famous.

What most intrigues me about the Apple Inc products is that it did not fade into the background like most other ideas, concepts and items thrown into the bandwagon of popular culture. Apple Inc products have been skyrocketing up the market for the past decade when most fads seem to only last a couple years at most. I feel that technology holds a stronger tie and connection to people because our modern day society thrives off of convenience and status.

Another interesting event is when Steve Jobs died. Many people were not even aware of who he was until after his death when the media flared it up and taught everyone who he was and how much he contributed to our technological society. Social networking sites were advertising him and making him seem more important through his death than his worth when he were actually alive. I feel that event was the epitome of popular culture and how it uses events and products to “sell” and become temporarily famous.

Apple Inc is a strong corporation that ties its products with the ideal image of being successful and rich. Many other non Apple corporations are beginning to adjust their own products to match and follow the Apple line so that their own products can increasingly sell and keep up with the popular culture. I feel that Apple Inc has made a drastic contribution to popular culture and that society will always be fixated on it’s products. With this, the company will continue to try and enhance their products every year to keep its image “fresh.”

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