By: R.Rashed

Are we totally surrounded by technology? Has everyone forgotten how our world was without new technology, sure it sucked when you couldn’t update your status while you were sitting on the bus, or watch the latest movie on the go, but there are a lot of disadvantages too.

I think our lives are so connected to the Internet and technology that if we lost all of it one day, civilization would come to an end. Well not really as some would say, my friends always say that not true and that they can live a whole day without using their phones, so I put them to the test. I took away their phones for one day, which was a hard task because they just kept promising me that they would not use it, but I told them that my experiment would not work if they had access to their phone when no one was looking. I took their phones and I noticed something, some of them just pulled out their mp3’s and some were just really quiet. Usually when ever I go out with them they are just glaring at their phones and giggle every now and then when they find something funny on the web. I couldn’t take it so I tried it myself. I stopped using my phone, my laptop and my TV just for one day to see what happens, and I can say that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I just felt so lost without being able to simply check where my friends are through Facebook or just by sending them a simple text. The next day when I woke up, I realized something, maybe it’s not the use of technology that disengages us from a face to face conversation. It’s the fact that not many people are able to balance themselves between communicating with others around them and being anti-social.

I realized when we give up technology we actually lose out on communicating with those far away from us. Especially for me, because my family is thousands of miles away from me and the only way I can keep in touch is by using new technology. Even though my parents are in another country, by the click of a button I’m able to see them and communicate with them at an instance. Maybe its not technology that is harming society, maybe its just people not being able to use the technology for the right purposes.

Cell phones especially have changed our lives, some phones today encourage people to share every moment of their lives with friends. The real question is do we really need that?


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